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Jalbire Waterfall

Subash Shrestha May 21, 2020

Jalbire and Jalbire waterfall is one the destination gaining popularity among visitors in and outside the country. It’s been popular because of the huge waterfall and canyoning spot for people loving adventure.

Jalbire waterfall is located in Narayanghat-Mugling highway at Chabdibhanjyang VDC of Chitwan. It’s around 110 km away from Kathmandu of somewhere 3 – 4 hrs of ride.

Jalbire Waterfall is a majestic waterfall with breathtaking experience for the visitors and those for the canyoning experiences. There are many other things like rock slides, cliff jumping which mostly youngsters visit for.

The destination is through a small and freindly Gurung village covered in high green hills. At the destination The water falls from top about 50-60 mtrs above. The panoramic view and the environment that the waterfall creates after it strikes the rock below is marvellous.

How to get there?

  • From Kathmandu, we need to move out from the valley. (i.e. Thankot checkpost). Then heading towards Naranghat-Mugling highway as it lies 6 km away to Chitwan.
  • Hire vehicles or we can get local buses that run on highways( not convenient though).
jalbire waterfall

What after reaching there?

  • Cannoning after some guides provided. 
  • Special safety and security is provided for cannoning.
  • Rock slide and cliff jump can also be done.
  • There are 5 waterfalls and if the weather condition is good then we can get to explore that.
  • Daring experience.
  • During Cannoning and other activities(If hired guides) :
  • While we are there for cannoning or rock slide or cliff jump, special guiding is provided there. 
  • Safety helmets and wetsuits are provided.
  • Full technical safety and security.

Some other place that we can go from Jalbire:

  • Riverside Resort (Rafting or stay at their)
  • Highest Elevation: 316m


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