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Jal Binayak

Anisha Rauniyar June 14, 2020

Jal Binayak region has taken its name from the sanctuary of Jal Ganesh it joins and covers Jal Binayak Temple, Chobhar Hill and Chobhar gorge. The stone picture of Ganesh situated in the region is accepted to have developed out of water. So the symbol was named Jal Binayak meaning the Ganesh which developed out of water and the entire zone got eminent with a similar name. The sanctuary is likewise famous as Koyena Ganesh among Newars.

Recorded Facts propose the sanctuary was worked in 723 Nepal Sambat by King Shiva Singh Malla, Gold plated Gajur was added to the rooftop in 789 Nepal Sambat by King Sri Nivas Malla of Patan and remade in Pagoda Style in 871 Nepal Sambat by King Rajya Prakash Malla of Kathmandu in 871 Nepal Sambat.

Chobar gorge behind the sanctuary is a well known goal, and particularly a piece of the old stories. There is land proof that bolsters the thought that Kathmandu valley was at one time a gigantic lake. Manjushree, a symbol of Saraswati, the Goddess of Wisdom, slice the crevasse open to deplete the lake. All the streams and pools of the Kathmandu valley are accepted to leave the valley through Chobar. A few stories likewise notice how an exceptionally ground-breaking pester (snake) who occupied the lake nearly got away from when Manjushree slice open the crevasse to deplete the water. Snakes are viewed as promising in Nepali culture and are accepted to be firmly connected with precipitation. To forestall the dry spell that would unquestionably happen if the snake got away, Jal Vinayak, a symbol of Lord Ganesh, demonstrated Manjushree where another littler lake in the valley could be made for the bother to abide. Therefore, the occupants of the valley would not need to abandon downpour. There is, without a doubt, a lake close by called Taudaha, which fits such a depiction. Tau in Newari implies enormous and daha in Nepali methods lake, henceforth the name Taudaha for ‘an immense lake’ (however Taudaha isn’t so ‘colossal’).

jal binayak

The picture of Ganesh found at Jal Vinayak is totally different from the standard pictures of Ganesh found in various other Ganesh sanctuaries around the city. The picture inside the old sanctuary is an impact on an enormous stone that looks like an elephant’s head. The elephant’s head on the human body is, obviously, how we perceive Ganesh, as unmistakable from the pictures of different divine beings and goddesses. The name Jal Vinayak originates from Nepali jal, ‘water’, and vinayak is another name for Lord Ganesh.

In Nepal’s standard puja services, Ganesh is consistently venerated first, before some other divinities, and as Tuesdays are accepted to be auspicious for adoring Ganesh the Jal Vinayak sanctuary is especially jam-packed that day every week. One event for such love is the festival of Anna Prashan, the taking care of a newborn child their first grain of rice. It has likewise been a typical conviction among the Nepalese that Lord Ganesh has the ability to discover a husband to be for an unmarried young lady and to favor individuals with kids. Subsequently, an enormous number of enthusiasts ask at the Jal Vinayak to encounter the delight of marriage or potentially parenthood. There is likewise a gigantic level stone inside the sanctuary premises. It is accepted that on the off chance that you set down on it, it will fix a spinal pain. It isn’t extraordinary to see individuals being served to lay level on their backs on the stone, planning to move back agonies. Other than Jal Vinayak, there are likewise Ashok Vinayak, Karya Vinayak, Surya Vinayak and Kamal Vinayak, every one of whom are additionally symbols of Lord Ganesh. Every one has its own exceptional force that brings fans running to their sanctuaries situated around the valley.

Chobar’s Jal Vinayak sanctuary is beautiful close to the waterway going through the Chobar slopes. The alleviating spout of the water streaming between the precipices of the chasm is difficult to miss. A waterway ordinarily connotes an excursion and the stream bank behind the sanctuary is additionally utilized as a site where Hindus incinerate their dead, sending them on their last excursion.

A visit to Jal Vinayak sanctuary to be honored with kids, or discover a husband to be, or fix an annoying spinal pain, or just to be almost a piece of well known Nepali folklore is very justified, despite all the trouble. To arrive, take a transport or taxi from Balkhu, a minor brief drive from Basantapur Durbar Square, for a brief ride to the sanctuary. Or then again walk… or on the other hand bicycle… what’s more, appreciate the trip and the noteworthiness of this pleasant strict hallowed place.


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