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Indra Jatra

Rai Sonang February 12, 2020

Indra Jatra festival is celebrated only inside the Kathmandu Valley. The festival consist of mainly two main events. One is the lakhey nach which is the dance festival of the demons and lakheys. And the next one is the kumari jatra. The festival’s main event is done in the Basantapur or the Kathmandu durbar square. In this day the government gives public holiday to the valley only.

Indra Jatra is eight-day long festival. It falls in September and Newar community is very active in this festival. This also marks the start of a month-long festival season of autumn. It begins with the erection of a wooden pole made from pine at Basantapur Sqaure ahead of the old Hanuman Dhoka Palace. For the pole-raising ceremony, many spectators gather at the Palace Square and on the encompassing temples. The only living god Kumari is worshipped and roamed around in a big rath. Masked dancers Lakhay dances in the streets in the muic of loud drums.

The main event is also erecting a high linga which is the ceremonial pole. This pole is thirty-six feet high. It is brought from the place Nala of Kavre district. The houses will show the sculpture and images of Indra. The Newar family also remembers and prays for thier family member who died in the past.

  • Event Date: 10/09/2020
  • Event Place: Kathmandu Durbar Square,


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