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Corona Update Nepal

Ice Climbing

Subash Shrestha May 22, 2020

One of the sensational experiences that we can gain while visiting Nepal is if we go for ice climbing. Ice Climbing in Nepal differs from the climbing that of Alps, Patagonia because of the temperature and weather condition of Himalaya.

With the frozen waterfalls and frozen ice up in the hill, climbing is full of adventure packages. It is an extreme experience as it is risky yet adds thrill.

ice climbing

Some ice climbing spot:

• Eagle Nest waterfall ice climbing:

This spot lies in Langtang valley of being the nearest one from Kathmandu. It’s within the protected area. To be more specific, within the national park area.

The climbing is 30 m long. The trip duration is 7 days with intermediate skill level.

Ice Climbing,

• Pari Waterfall

This climb is one of their longest ice climbs in a magnificent surrounding. It is 800m long with 18 pitches. It lies in Kwangde near Namche bazar with the duration of a week to reach the spot and 48 hours for the climb. This climb requires experience. The preferable time is between Mid-January to the first week of February.

• Everest Base Camp Pinnacles:

It lies in the Khumbu valley with an altitude of 5350m. The duration depends on the acclimatization for reaching the spot. The climb is for beginners also with the preferable time in between Mid-January and the end of March.

• Machhermo- Gokyo valley:

It has an altitude of 4470m and the beginners can climb too.

• Jean Coudery Waterfall Ice climbing:

This waterfall climbing spot also lies in Langtang valley which is of 3 pitches and 50m rope required.


  • Listen to the guide’s instruction properly.
  • Weather conditions affect me a lot.
  • While climbing steps strategically.
  • Kick with care with the toe of your crampons during a climb.

This is very risky but we all know, ‘with a greater risk comes a greater rewards.


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