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Anisha Rauniyar May 29, 2020

Hetauda is an unassuming community in the focal piece of Nepal, situated in the locale of Makawanpur, in the zone of Narayani. It is 132 km away from the capital Kathmandu by means of the old Tribhuwan Highway. There are presently two exchange streets that are under 80 km. They are, in any case, not dark beat at this point. The city is encased by three waterways, the Rapti toward the west, the Samari toward the north and the Karra toward the south. It is one the significant modern locales of Nepal. The settlement could have begun because of its area at the gathering purpose of two significant parkways – East-West Highway and Tribhuwan Rajpath.

Hetauda is one of the cleanest and greenest urban areas in Nepal. Because of its topographical highlights and its atmosphere, it has been a well known decision for individuals relocating from the northern uneven districts toward the south. Hetauda is a doon, which implies that it has a valley like geology. It is encircled by slopes: the Mahabharata run in the north and the Siwalik run in the south. The waterways Rapti, Samari, and Karra go through this territory and stream southwest to meet Narayani, one of the greater and well known streams in the country.

hetauda city
Hetauda City

It is an hour’s drive from the Nepalese outskirt city of Birgunj, which is neighboring its Indian partner, Raxaul. Both the current roadways to the capital city Kathmandu – Tribhuwan Highway and the East-West Highway, otherwise known as Mahendra Highway that trails the length of the country – cross through this city. with such huge numbers of section and leave focuses driving all through this town, Hetauda is set to develop into a business powerhouse if just the nation understood its latent capacity.

Hetauda is likewise famous for its businesses. Hetauda Industrial District (HID) is the greatest among the mechanical regions in the country. Not just it houses probably the greatest ventures in the country yet in addition shields the cabin and medium scale businesses.

Hetauda is generally an average workers private town, and consequently a great many people here are either utilized by the ventures or the administration. Singular business enterprise will in general kindness speculation into transportation area. Shipping is consequently a mainstream business suggestion as greater part of products handling to Kathmandu experiences this city.

Among the large enterprises, Hetauda gloats of a concrete manufacturing plant whose creation is supported by the adequate flexibly of limestones that originate from the northern Hills that structure the base of the Mahabharata run. These limestones are launched of the quarry with the utilization of dynamites and afterward shipped through ropeway legitimately to the Factory’s creation unit, which is arranged 11 kilometers south over the town. As of late however, the utilization of the ropeway has declined immensely because of absence of care and support.

Among the mainstream attractions of Hetauda is the special Martyr Memorial Park which was developed to respect the saints of Nepal, including the ones who lost their lives since the hour of British pilgrim wars to the ones who ousted the totalitarian Panchayat framework in 1989. The Park has become a place of interest since its fulfillment in 1994. The principle fascination of the recreation center are the figures of these saints that are etched on one major stone. The chiseling of the appearances was cultivated by the understudy volunteers of Nepal Lalit Campus.

So also, Makwanpur Gadhi is another site east of the city, a stronghold critical going back to the unification procedure of Nepal. Prithvi Narayan Shah, the lord that drove the unification of the nation into a more noteworthy Nepal, was hitched to the princess of Makawanpur whose father was a ruler of the Sen line that controlled Makawanpur. History specialists see that this marriage, truth be told, was a political system by King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who saw the key advantage of a partnership with Makwanpur to circle Kathmandy valley.

Daman Tower

Hetauda’s business noticeable quality began with the development of Tribhuwan Highway, the principal parkway worked in the nation. Its future relies upon a subsequent parkway interface that has been examined for longer than 10 years. The proposed connection to Kathmandu through a progression of passages will decrease the current length of 133km by means of Tribhuwan Highway and 224 km by means of Mugling to a length of under 60 km. Considering the requirement for a shorter course from Kathmandu to India and a travel point to continue exchange between the two quickest developing economies of India and China, the significance of Hetauda as an exchange course is set to get a major jump, if this proposed burrow appears.

Spots to visit in Hetauda

A mechanical city that lies in the middle a segment of Nepal, is a home to Nepalese of various tosses including Tamang, Gurung, Tharu, Chhretti, Newar, Magar, Chepang, Rai. Around 46% of everyone here are Tamangs. The Hetauda city is the headquarter of Makwanpur region (2426 Sq. Kms.). Hetauda is known as an unblemished city in Nepal. Neighborhood undertakings of the region of Hetauda with help from everybody have made this city one of the cleanest city in Nepal. This is where plastic packs have been prohibited. The essential lanes are overflowing with green trees corresponding to the two sides of avenues, which add to the rich of the city.

Spots of Attractions for guests:

  • Daman tower arranged on the locale Martyrs’ Memorial Park at Hetauda-11 Nawalpur
  • Punya Kshetra, Chisapanigdhi Temple
  • Manakamana Temple
  • Makwanpurgadhi and Markhu Lake
  • Visit to Natural woods (Sal, Saj, Asna, and Salla)
  • Home grown farms

How to show up?

Drive to Naubise from Kathmandu, at that point take the Tribhuwan Rajpath (Highway), one of Nepal’s most marvelous drench thoroughfare for audit inclines and Himalayan range. On the other hand take the Mugling-Bharatpur-Hetauda course for a less valiant drive! A visit to Terai area is divided without going to Hetauda.

  • Highest Elevation: 1738m
  • Lowest Elevation: 501m
  • Population: 152,875 (2015)


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