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Hankook Sarang Restaurant

Abhishek Subedi May 19, 2020

Hankook Sarang restaurant is the destination for those who wants to enjoy the authentic Korean food with the harmonious environment in Nepal. The restaurant has been serving the simplicity nutritious and Korean culture dinning since its establishment. The first Korean restaurant venture was established in 2002. Hankook Sarang means one Korea love so the restaurant has been serving the food with love. The founder Chijman Gurung is serving the best recipes and traditional Korean dishes since its establishment.

hankook sarang restaurant

I have often visited this restaurant with my cousins and friends. The best dish to enjoy at this palce is Chicken Barbeque. This dish is usually served with lettuce, garlic, gochujan (Korean red chilli paste), rice and kimchi (Korean style cabbage pickle). We have to grill the marinated Chicken ourselves. We can enjoy the Chicken with the lettuce wrap or rice and kimchi. There are many dishes to enjoy from the menu but those who are visiting for the first time can enjoy themselves with Ramen first. Another dish that we can enjoy is Bibimbap. This is the dish that is served in the Korean stone pot called Dolsot. This dish contains rice as the base topped with the different vegetables and we can order it in chicken also. The Bibimbap sauce is served separately so we can add according to our preferences. To enjoy this dish we have to mix all these together with the sauce. We can also enjoy the Soju (Korean alcohol) which is really strong in taste. The Soju taste better with the Chicken Barbeque and Kimchi.

It is the best place for the gatherings and get-togethers as it provides the Family environment and feeling of togetherness. We can get there from the public transportation running around the ring road or we can hire the cab.


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