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Hang Gliding

Abhishek Subedi May 24, 2020

Hang gliding is an outdoor air sport or recreational activity in which the person flies a light,  manual foot launched aircraft heavier than air called a hang glider. It is an adventurous sport to enjoy during the vacation in Nepal. Our nation has the subtropical climate which makes it an ideal spot for hang gliding. The spectacular natural views of the country has lured the many daring and adventurous people to do the hang gliding in Nepal. It is the sport in which the pilots launched hang gliders from the hills facing toward the direction of wind. It is controlled by the hand movement towards the direction of wind to enjoy the stunning view of the landscapes and the Mountain ranges.

Hand gliding

History of Hang Gliding

History of hang gliding takes us back to the end of the sixth century where the Chinese had already managed to build the large kites, enough to carry the average weight person. During the 1880s there were improvements in technical and scientific inventions. The first controllable hand gliders were made in the 1890s by John Joseph Montgomery. Otto Lilienthal in the United States. The first ever successful hang gliding was in 1904 by Jan Lavezzari in Berck Beach of France.

Hand gliding

Also it is a popular air sport in Nepal enjoyed by both International and Domestic tourists. Tourists can enjoy the stunning views of Himalayas and Landscapes. It rushes the adrenaline in the body when the pilots launched the hang gliders from the hill allowing tourists to experience the free fall. The most popular months for this spot are November, December and January as these months have the super consistent weather. This sport usually has the options from 15 -90 minutes in which the tourists can select the option according to their preferences. The best spot for the it in Nepal is Sarangkot which is about 4 km far from the Pokhara airport.

It is the thrilling and adventurous sport to enjoy with the spectacular views of the Himalayas and the stunning landscapes. We can book this sport from the different commercial expeditions who have followed the policies and procedures of the current Nepal Tourism Act.


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