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Hadigaun Jatra

Subash Shrestha May 23, 2020

Hadigaun Jatra is known for its unique Jatra which is found nowhere but here. That is why there’s a popular saying that says nowhere but only in Hadigaun, the jatra exists.Hadigaun is a small village of Newar community.


It is believed that during the past time, Lord Narayan appeared in a human disguise and saw a woman who was in labor pain calling out her mother’s name. Seeing that, the Lord suggested to call out Lord Narayan’s name. Listening to that suggestion the woman got furious and insisted to leave right that moment. That thing made the Lord feel enraged and insulted. He then went to the Himalayas. The woman was in pain as it had been 12 years that she was still unable to give birth to that child. Everybody took pity on her and were ready to find the Lord in Hadigaun to repossess the woman. Somehow the villagers found him and requested him to come back. At first, he wasn’t ready but then agreed to return when the villagers told him they would show him a jatra that is performed nowhere else in the world.

After watching the jatra, Lord Narayan was impressed and decided to forgive the woman and the woman gave birth to a little boy. As the baby was born that late, he had a moustache. And from that day onward the Jatra is conducted every year so that the Lord Narayan would be pleased.

Things that makes this Jatra unique:

The villagers prepare for this Jatra on the 2nd day of Dashain where the priest’s family prepares wax flowers and stuff for Shivapuri for offering to the Lord’s idol at the top of the chariot. The Chariot (Khut) are of saucer shape with the idols on the top and gajur(pinnacle) at the bottom. This is the only Jatra that starts and ends on the last night of Dashain. The tree Chariot taken out from each; Kotal tile, Nyalma tole and Bhimsen tole circles Hadigaun three times representing Bramha, Vishnu and Maheswora. Some also believe them representing that woman in pain, her child and her husband. The Chariot (Khut) circles the Hadigaun for the sake of protection and prosperity. After the jatra ends, they are dismantled to be set for upcoming years


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