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Gyalpo Lhosar

Anisha Rauniyar August 1, 2020

Among the most significant celebrations celebrated by the Sherpa people group, Gyalpo Lhosar marks the start of another year and as a rule falls in late February. The terms ‘Lho’ and ‘sar’ signifies year and new or new beginning.

In old occasions, customs occurred for a whole month paving the way to New Year’s Day. Be that as it may, the present Lhosar festivities regularly keeps going just fourteen days and spin around food, family and celebrations. Readiness of lhosar starts by making an extraordinary Sherpa nibble – Khapse.

gyalpo loshar

Two days before the huge day, everybody in the family accumulate and appreciate a unique soup called Gutung. Arranged with a mix of nine various types of beans; custom expresses that every part in the family ought to have nine dishes of this soup.

The day preceding Lhosar, families accumulate to clean and enhance their homes. That equivalent night, when the clock strikes 12 PM, the customary welcome, ‘Tashi Delek’ is traded and loved ones keep awake until late to invite each other to the new year.

The next morning numerous Sherpas change the Dhoja, or supplication banners, in their homes, representing a new beginning to the year. The festivals proceed with drinking of an uncommon refreshment called Changkol produced using Chaang (a Sherpa rendition of brew). Individuals celebrate by singing conventional Sherpa tunes and moving to it, eating and drinking for the duration of the day. Before dinnertime festivities wind down, supper with family and friends and family mark the start of the New Year.


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