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Gundruk Dhindo

Anisha Rauniyar May 14, 2020

Gundruk Dhindo is the ideal Nepali food. Gundruk is a Dried leaf vegetables could be a soured inexperienced greens . It is typical Nepalese snack, claiming to be one among the national dishes. It’s common in households throughout the globe not solely in Asian country, however additionally in Gorkhali or Nepalese diaspora. Asian country ‘s annual gundruk output is project at a pair of 1,000 tons . Abundant of the event is perform at the family level. Gundruk is manufacture by chemical action leaflike vegetables (saag; Nepali). It’s consume with the most meal as a dish, associate degreed is usually use as an course. Gundruk is a necessary supply of minerals, significantly in off-season .Once the diet is generally make from starchy tubers and maize, that seem to be low in minerals.

In Nepal, Dhindo could be a well-done meal. it’s prepare by taking plight to boil during a cooking pan and inserting flour whereas perpetually stirring. it’s the principal meal in several components of India’s Asian country and geographic region and Darjeeling regions.

Gundruk Dhindo

Dhindo is sometimes from buckwheat or millet however additionally from wheat, and corn flour is additionally out there. One might virtually build Dhindo from any grain as long as its ground is flour because the formula is basic. The implement of alternative is “Iron plate” (Phalame Tapke). The dense mix is combine with alittle iron spatula and is termed “Dabilo.” It makes things tougher to combine. Getting taste of Gundruk Dhindo combined is one of the great experince in Nepal.


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