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Green Leaves Restaurant and Bar

Anisha Rauniyar July 14, 2020

The Green Leaves Restaurant and Bar is the brainchild of six people . With many years of involvement with the cordiality field. Their experience is reflect in the climate, the administration, and the delectable food that will charm your taste buds.

green leaves restaurant

As we entered the café, in a matter of moments by any stretch of the imagination. One of the staff set glasses of water and forks and spoons on our table. At first, we requested Coke to extinguish the thirst realized by the burning climate.

The menu had a rundown of global cooking styles, from which we chose a couple. It was amazing how rapidly the food was arrange and set. Similarly as we were arriving at the finish of our beverage.

The main dish on the table, Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken,accompanied by french fries and earthy colored sauce. It left a mouth-watering impact on me. It was delicate, delicate, and succulent, with the sauce rendering an astonishing flavor. The french fries were delicate inside, and firm outside. While the taste could’ve been indistinguishable from fries somewhere else. The earthy color sauce, a fiery spice masala union, was what made it extraordinary.

Next, we were serve the second dish of the day, Deep Fried Trout Fish. A Nepali food done in mainland style. Put in the plate, with oriental sauce and crunchy vegetable serving of mixed greens, the dish looked heavenly. And I was unable to hold back to appreciate it.

After we had eaten up the absolutely fresh and crunchy singed trout, we proceeded onward to the last dinner of the day, Chicken Walnut Salad, which was more various and particular in appearance than other plate of mixed greens I’ve had previously. It accompanied cut chicken and layer on plates with serving of mixed greens leaves and apples. The plate of mix greens, sprinkle with lettuce and finish off with pecans, was blend in with meager cream.

Green Leaves Restaurant and Baris a total family arranged multi-cooking café offering a perfect spot to savor and enjoy food in universal style. The eatery has adequate space, in this manner making it an ideal setting for praising birthday celebrations and holding occasions.

  • Address: Kathmandu 44600
  • Contact: +97714433002
  • Rating:
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