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Gorkha Durbar

Rai Sonang February 22, 2020

Gorkha is a one of the district of Nepal. It was named aftet the Gorkha kingdom ruled by the Shah kings. The district touches China to its north. The headquarter of Gorkha is the Gorkha bazzar which is near to the Gorkha durbar. The country Nepal can be known only dur to the Gorkha lands history. The people of Nepal are also known as Gorkhali due to this city.

Due to lot of fact and history the gorkha has a touristic values. Single country history is made from here. Gorkha durbar is one of the most historically and touristically important part of here. To reach gorkha palace 300m stone stairway must be crossed from Pokharithok. Others place that can be visited near the palace are the cave of Gorakhnath , Museum and the Kalika temple.

Way to Gorkha Durbar

If you want to get to the Gorkha Durbar than you can find lots of public vehicle going to the Gorkha bazzar. Even you can rent any vehicke to get to Gorkha. The way is from the Kalanki Thankot outlet from the Kathmandu valley. The way drives you from the scenic view of the river side road of Trishuli. From Malekhu, Muglin and from Khaireni to right we move towards the Gorkha bazzar.

  • Highest Elevation: 2018m
  • Lowest Elevation: 2017m
  • Population: 32500


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