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Anisha Rauniyar May 12, 2020

Suddenly one day, I wanted to visit the village called Ghumarchowk . I came to know about Ghumarchowk through one of my friend . Ghumarchowk is a tint village in the sloping land of Sankhu . While i visited there there was a opening ceremony of health submit . The health submit was attend by the all villagers . The crowd were all from every age group . There was a Young to old age person who were really happy for the health submit. Ghumarchowk is the residence of Tamang people . trust me i didn’t get any of their language . But it sounded really sweet as if was a folk song. It is 20 km away form the heart of Kathmandu .

After the submit decided to stay at one of the home stay . You can find lots of home stay that welcome you whole heartily .The home stay owner gave me dal, bhat , tarkari and achaar to have .After dinner i went to explore more of the village. Village had tow temple one was Bajrayogni that was for Hindu and other for Buddhist .


The earthquake of 2015 really damaged the village a lot . The Bajrayogini temple was being construct in a fast pace . The temple was full of historical wood works , metallic, cravings. The door was painted gold that can shimmer your eyes. The workers were taking break in between to solely hear the bird chirp .The temple complicated additionally boasts numerous chaityas, stone Buddha statues, and intricately carved stone water spouts

Afternoon walk

After that i went back to home stay where i stayed. I was hunger so i asked the owner to provide me some lunch . The dhido and milk together tasted so good . The smell of ghee was lot different than something that i ever tasted . After a quick rest , I decided to go look for the other health post near by . I asked owner about the path . They said that I shouldn’t go alone a the path was rally confusing . So , hey decide to accompany me .

The path were filled with the earthly crop fields . Now i came to know the village doesnt have a proper road to go from one place to another . On the way the owner asked alot about me . What i do ? Where i am from ? and a lot of question of going around. After walking about half an hour we reached the health post . It was filled with lots of people . Some really came for health checkup . While some people were to chatter about their daily story . Lets say it was kind of gathering where the city people would really enjoy hearing to them.

After The trip to health post , we returned back to homestay . It was almost dinner time . So, i helped them to make dinner and aslo talked about the village more .Soon we had had dinner . The owner left me in my room alone .

Next morning i woke early and hurried up to be back in city .But the memory of Ghumarchowk stayed in my heart.


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