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Corona Update Nepal

Ghode Jatra

Anisha Rauniyar May 12, 2020

Ghode Jatra is a grand horse parade takes area at Tundikhel, the central point of the city where many activities take place. Legend has it that the demon Tundi use to kill here. Ghode Jatra, the Horse Racing Day falls in mid-March or early April .

Tundi had terrorized humans for a long time until one day he was once slain . Human beings had a good time by means of riding horses over his body. So it’s believe that the clamor of horses’ hooves at Tundikhel in the course of the festival of Ghode Jatra. It keeps the demon’s sprit at bay as it is believe he is still a hazard to the city.

Ghode Jatra

It is state that the faster the horses run, the faster Tundi’s spirit will be subdue; as a result the horse racing and all the acrobatics at Tudikhel. The festival is attend by using the army pinnacle brass, the top government officers and diplomats.

Huge crowds accumulate round Tudikhel to watch but they are now not allow to enter the Tudikhel. The navy also takes it as an opportunity to display their skills as paratroopers drop down from planes flying close overhead.

Another tournament associates to Ghode Jatra takes area at Bal Kumari in Patan the place a horse is feed alcoholic spirits until it is intoxicate and an equally drunk individual in a regular Newari apparel rides it.

  • Event Date: 12/04/2020
  • Event Place: Tundikhel


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