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Gaura Parva

Anisha Rauniyar July 27, 2020

Gaura celebration is one of the well know merriment of mid-west and far-western Nepal. The celebration typically falls in the long stretch of Bhadra which is among August and September. Beginning from the day of Krishna Janmasthami the celebration is praise nearly for three days.

During the festival, the individuals revere Lord Shiva and his associate Parvati. Master Ganesh who is the child of Shiva and Parvati is additionally venerate. Deuda move is one of the mainstream move in far western culture. Which is perform with mass support during this celebration.

gaura parva

It is called Deuda move since this move is move at the melodic tunes of the tune know as the Deuda tune. The Deuda tune is an assortment of various society stories and writings of goddesses Gauri . Who is the spouse of God Shiva. Goddess Gauri is revere with extraordinary adoration by womenfolk during the Gaura celebration.

The admirers of Gauri appeal to God for good wellbeing for their spouses and for flourishing and tough life. Deuda move is perform by the neighborhood people to release their distress, wounded emotions. And conclusions too their joy of life to their companions in mass.

To perform Deuda move you simply need to hold the hands of your accomplices close to you and move. The move is in a round chain while making strides advances or in reverse a couple of times at the tune of the melody. The two guys and female including youthful and old the same clasp hands and move together in an open space where numerous individuals can watch and take part in the move.


The move is perform alongside singing together know as ‘Juhari’ in the nearby tongue. As indicate by Deuda move custom, sisters, siblings, same blood-relate relatives including uncles and aunts are not permit to move in one gathering. They ought to consequently decide to move in an alternate gathering.

During this celebration different kinds of deuda moves like Rahei Deuda, Thadi Bhakha Deuda are perform by people. The individuals of Achhaam, Darchula, Dailekh, Jumla, Kalikod, Baitadi, Dadeldhura and Bajura by and large proactively partake in this celebration over this district.

During the celebration, the sanctuaries of Gauri are all around beautified with blossoms. Individuals give different contributions to the Goddess Gauri which is know as Biruda.


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