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Ganesh Himal And Ruby Valley Trek

Abhishek Subedi July 31, 2020

Ganesh Himal and ruby valley trek is one of the best treks to observe the hidden beauties of central Nepal. Trek to the least explored, the newly opened trail offers you the beautiful moments of your life. We pass through the settlements of different ethnic communities like Gurung and Tamang. This provides a great chance to observe their cultures, customs, traditions, and norms. Walking along the trail, you get to observe the spectacular views of many stunning Himalayas. Boudha Himal, Dorje Lakpa, Langtang Lirung along with the amazing chain of Ganesh Himal I, II, III, IV. Ganesh Himal, the mountain named after the name of Hindu deity “Ganesha”. You can explore the view of Ganesh IV; resembling an elephant-headed Ganesha’s face.

Ganesh Himal And Ruby Valley Trek

About the Trek

The beautiful Ganesh Himal and Ruby Valley trek to spectacular views of Himalayas. Along with different ethnic cultures of people, Ganesh Himal Trek offers unforgettable moments of your life. Ganesh himal trek  distance and height is good, not so difficult. Trek includes the trail with sacred lakes and streams and visits many pilgrimages during the festival of Janai Purnima. Kalo Kunda, Seto Kunda, Ganga Jamuna, are the amazing attractions of this trek. Ganesh Himal the name in itself reveals its presence resembling the same as Ganesha’s elephant-headed face. Trek passing through different villages provides you different ethnic groups of community with their distinct unique traditional values and customs.

Trekking to the Ruby valley offers an experience to the remote lifestyle of Nepalese people of the Ganesh Himal region. Not only the Himalayan views and rich traditions, the flat land, terraced fields, and the main friendly locality provide lifetime memories. Trekking trail to the ruby valley is between Langtang National Park and Manaslu Conservation Area Project. Ganga Jamuna River, twin waterfalls, kalo Seto Kunda, hot spring, Ganesh Kunda, and Tripura Sundari temple are the other main beautiful attractions of this trek. The region offers you a more peaceful environment than that of the famous Annapurna and Everest Trek. Ruby valley trail takes you through the main popular rock climbing destinations i.e Deul Danda, Gobre Village, Cheap Danda and Bhandari Bhir. From there, you can have the scenic views of lush green forests below the amazing mountainous chain.

Day 1 Drive to Syabrubesi

We take an early drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi where we get an adventurous ride in the Langtang region. Driving along the way we get to explore the beautiful villages of Syabrubesi via passing Dhunche. The scenic drive to Syabrubesi also includes the spectacular views of snow capped mountains like Ganesh, Langtang Ri, Langtang Lirung, Naya Kanga, Dorje Lakpa, green forests and local lifestyles of people from different ethnic communities following different customs and cultural values. 

Ganesh Himal And Ruby Valley Trek

Day 2 Drive to Chawatar and trek to Gatlang

Syabrubesi is the starting point of our trek. First we drive from Syabrubesi to Chawatar for 1 hour. And now, passing the BahunDanda Pass, we descend to Tamang village of Gatlang. During this, we pass through Chilime Khola and Thambuchet Valley. We explore the land of Tamang village, and get to know the daily living style of Tamang people. We can closely analyze the traditions and rituals followed by people of this region. Along with it we explore the amazing craftsmanship of old people. Above the views of beautiful villages, we can see the amazing “Parvati Kunda”, the sacred holy lake. 

Day 3 Trek to Parvati Kunda to Yuri Kharka and return to Somdang

Trekking from Gatlang to Parvati Kunda at first, on the way we get a chance to observe the fascinating lake called “Parvati Kunda”. Many pilgrims surround the lake during the festival of Janai Purnima. After this, crossing through the rhododendron and pine forests, the trail leads us to Khurpu Bhanjyang, passing Yuri Kharka. Now, we trek through the trail, which acts as the border between Rasuwa and Dhading district. Trekking trail takes us down to Somdang River. 

Day 4 Trek to Pangsang Pass

Trekking takes you to the naturally blessed region of Ganesh Himal. From Pangsang Kharka, we observe the panoramic views of mountains and villages to the southwest Somdang village and stunning Himalayan ranges of Manaslu and Ganesh Himal to the northern side. Walking through the green meadows, you get to observe different herbal plants exchanged in previous times with Tibetan people. 

Day 5 Trek to Tupling 

Now, we descend to Tupling from Pangsang Pass where we get to observe the beautiful Gombas and Church along the trail. Continuing descending downward we pass through Adha Khola and climb up to Shertung and Chalish. Here, we observe the terraced fields and warm settlements of Shertung people. Shertung means “Place of gold”. The name reflects its own story; two brothers in search of gold led here by a dream, thus the name formed. 

As the region is influenced by Tibetan culture, we can closely explore their cultures and traditions. In this region “Jhankari” tradition is very famous where people worship the local indigenous deities with natural forces according to Hindu and Buddhists practices. Then, we reach Chalish and see the different customs of different people. We observe the living style of Gurung people with their traditions and unique dance called “Ghatu ”. On the other hand the dances you attend in Shertung, Tibetan Tamang village is “Shaman and Horse Dance ”.

Day 6 Trek to Hindung

Trekking from Chalish first takes us downhill. Passing the Manchet Khola, we steeply trek up to Hindung. During the trail we pass by small farm lands, lush green forests and small streams. We explore Hindung, the Tamang Village and traditions of people living there. Hidung is the last village at Ganesh Himal Base Camp. Here, walking along the trail we can observe prayer flags and mani walls somewhere. 

Day 7 Trek to Thulo Dhunga

As the region is mainly rich in wild floras and faunas, you rarely found firm terraces. Trail offers amazing wild habitats like musk deer, wild boar, jharal, langur, leopard etc. We pass continuously through the forest filled with rhododendron, juniper and many wild flowers, pine and bamboo trees. We can also observe the waterfalls cascading on the way. 

Trek to Thulo Dhunga

Day 8 Trek to Base Camp

Passing the green forests, the trail offers us marvelous views of stunning mountains and takes us to a flat valley and camping site in Nojet Kharka. This plane seasonal grazing area provides splendid moments of your life.

Day 9 Acclimatization day 

On this day, we take a rest and explore in Base Camp. We get to observe the marvelous views of stunning mountains from Dobra Danda at northeast ridge of Ganesh Himal. Along with this we explore the beautiful small two lakes called “Seto Kunda” and “Kalo Kunda”. The surface of Kalo Kunda is covered by black stones whereas the surface of Seto Kunda is covered by white shining stones. The scenery pasture around the lakes offers you unforgettable memories of your life.  

Day 10 Trek to Hindung

Now trekking the same way back to Gomba Danda which is also known as Hidung, offers the previous amazing views of mountains, streams and lush green forests. We walk downhill through the forest trail and pass by the beautiful bunches of rhododendron flowers, making the trek pleasing. Walking continuously down the steep trail for some hours takes us to Hindung where we stay overnight.

Day 11 Trek to Kapur Gaon

We trek to Hot Spring to relax our body and mind. Our trek from Hindung to Hot spring starts early in the morning after having breakfast. While trekking to the southern TatoPani River we get to see the riverside hot springs with a bathing pool and three taps. From here we trek to Rachyat Gaon through stone steps. All the way down to Nheber village, we explore the local lifestyles of people living there on the way. 

Day 12 Trek to Khading Gaon

We walk along the stone steps, built by Kadooriw Agri Aid Association & British Gurkhas. They are playing a great role in upgrading the trails and maintaining local infrastructures. We pass the Gurung village of Rachyat. Trekking down to Ankhu Khola we pass through Tir. Crossing the suspension bridge over the Ankhu Khola we finally arrive in Lapa. Lapa is a huge committee of Tamang people. So, here we get to explore the traditions and values of Tamang culture. Above Lapa we found Khading, the largest Gurung Village of this region. We explore the unique traditions of Gurung people and different forms of dances performed by them. 

Trek to Khading Gaon

Day 13 Trek to Magne Goth

We steeply walk upward to the west and pass through the beautiful pine forests filled with rhododendron flowers. Walking through the trail we observe the place of ruby extraction. At the top the blue pine forest is Magne Goth. It takes 4 to 5 hours to reach there. 

Day 14 Trek to Lapu Danda

From Magne Goth to reach Lapu Danda we walk through the Gorkha district. Trekking to the downhill first we cross the Chote Khola and pass through the lush green forests and rhododendron flowers. Walking takes us down to the valley where we explore the amazing views of mountains including western range of Manaslu. Walking for some time, we entered the Dhading district, passing by the beautiful small villages of Kartunje, Dhorjet and Manbu. Reaching at Lapu Danda, we observe the Brahmin community with their different traditions and cultures. Terraced field surrounding the locality with Himalayan views of Shringi and Himal Chuli peaks is very beautiful. 

Day 15 Trek to Ganga Jamuna

Ganga Jamuna is the most exciting attraction of Ganesh Himal Ruby Valley Trek. We climb up to Dandagaon through the terraced fields of Baseri. Walking along the trail with a great mountainous view of Mt. Manaslu and many others take us to the amazing twin waterfalls known as Ganga Jamuna. 

Day 16 Trek to Tripurasundari

Trek is quite easy and interesting as we pass from the hilly paddy lands and the community mixed with different ethnic cultures. Most of all we get to observe the daily lifestyle of Brahmin people with their different customs and values. The lower terrain views with Manaslu range and Ankhu Khola makes the trip more pleasant. 

Trek to Tripurasundari

Day 17 Drive Back to Kathmandu Valley

We take a drive from Tripurasundari to Kathmandu for 5 to 6 hours. On the way we get to observe the Himalayan views and local cultures of people from different ethnic communities. Trekking to Ganesh Himal is very famous among the pilgrims as well. The region and the trekking trail contain the beautiful sacred lakes, temples and waterfalls.  


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