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Gai Jatra

Anisha Rauniyar May 14, 2020

Gai Jatra could be a celebration of moving, singing, gaiety and laughter. The celebration of bovine is celebrate within the Kathmandu Valley to commemorate the passing of adored ones. As portion of the celebration family individuals of the perished of the past year send individuals for the most part children. Children are dressed as dairy animals to parade on the streets.The festival as a rule falls in July or August. Gai Jatra may be a time to keep in mind misplaced ones conjointly to ease the torment.

The word “Gai” mans dairy animals in English. Bovine is respecte as the goddess of riches within the Hindu religion. Sharing of distress and taking the consolation in knowing that their misplaced ones are secure is the genuine reason of celebrating this celebration.

Gai Jatra

In spite of the grave subject, Gai Jatra could be a fantastic celebration full of fun and fun. After the parade has conclude, the rest of the day is fill with road exhibitions of moves, plays, and comedic routines—making it an fantastically light-heart undertaking. Enrichment and ensembles are an important portion of the day. Just like the craftsmanship objects in our current presentation, Nepalese Seasons, these enhancing manifestations for Gai Jatra are to a great extent affect by the storm cycles. In any case, these manifestations are expecting to be brief and are revamp each year for each new festival, so guests won’t discover any things made amid Gai Jatra within the Gallery

The day is additionally stamp with a cheerful parade together with numerous individuals dress is peculiar dress. In Bhaktapur the celebration keeps going for eight days. The root of this celebration goes back to the rule of the Malla rulers. It is say that the Malla Ruler was in grieving for a long time after the awkward passing of her child. The lord in an endeavor to comfort her inquiry each family that misplaced a adored one to come out in a procession to show the ruler that she was not alone with her enduring. That’s why there’s much delight and kidding amid the parade that goes through the roads.

  • Event Date: 19/08/2020
  • Event Place: Kathmandu Valley


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