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Five most famous Nepali food

Anisha Rauniyar May 6, 2020

Nepali food has the most delectable and special taste type. Varieties of Nepali food ingredients are rare and are used in all product styles. Not only is Nepali food rich in flavor, it also represents the broad range of community and customs. Lets see some of the five famous food in Nepal to try.

1. Daal Bhat Tarkari

File:Dal Bhat Tarkari,Nepal.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

It is the regular meal all over the world, eaten by all Nepalese. Daal is a broth consisting of lentils and spices that is eaten with the Bhat known as boiling grains. Tarkari is curry-a mixture of assorted vegetables aromatised with spices and curry powder. It is most Nepalese people’s main staple diet and is normally consumed twice everyday.
For example Everest Base Camp Trek, you can eat Daal Bhat Tarkari when you’re on most Nepal trekkings. Seeking to know more? Check them out in Nepal on Trekking and Biking. We have farewell dinner on regular treks and we even send our customers to get a Nepali Cuisine.

2. Momo

File:Nepali Momo.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Momo is a form of dumpling made from dough that is typically packed with chopped meat-buffalo, chicken and pork-and vegetables too. It’s normally located in virtually every bar, hotel and motel in Nepal, steamed or fried and often served as an appetizer. This dish is extremely common in virtually every corner of Nepal. Momo is Nepalese cuisine a must-try food element while you’re here.

3. Chatamari

File:Meat Chatamari.jpg - Wikipedia

Chatamari is a Newari food element that is likewise an appetizer kind. It is similar to pizza. By making flat bread cooked over heat it is prepared fromrice flour. It has toppings such as minced beef, bacon, certain
veggies such as tomatoes, onions, chilly white, etc.

4. Dheedo

Gundrook leaves are dried and fermented with green vegetables. It is normally cook by adding beans and potatoes to the broth. It is mildly bitter and tangy with very special taste. Dheedo is a sugar-free dish
composed of either wheat or maize. The food is nutritionally good, and often stimulates the taste buds. It prefers to be consumed with Gundrook broth. Particularly for diabetics Dheedo is really safe. This dish is often referred to as Nepal’s national food that can be found in traditional Nepalese restaurants and village local homes.

5. Aloo Tama

It is a very popular form of special curry in Nepalese dish which is a must-try. Aloo means “potato” and “bamboo leaves” means Tama. It has the special form of sour flavor, and is mix with different ingredients. The inclusion of beans and buff meat gives it the extra flavor. Newari culture this curry is very popular and you can taste the best Aloo Tama in Newari restaurants. So, don’t forget to seek one taste of these five popular Nepali foods while you’re here in Nepal. And if you can’t get here seek to find Nepali restaurants in your town or region. The Nepalese is all around the world.


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