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Subash Shrestha June 1, 2020

dwarika hotel

Dwarika’s Hotel is located in Battisputali, Kathmandu and is 4 km from Thamel. This hotel reflects the authentic culture heritage of Nepal with the collection of 13th century artifacts and some of the best craftsmanship of Nepal. Each and every single thing inside the hotel is exceptionally authentic with a luxurious retreat and experience. This hotel has been awarded the prestigious 1980 Pacific Area Travel Association (PATA) Heritage Award for the visionary step to conserve thousands of ancient carved wooden pieces. Also offering an ancient atmosphere with the integration of the traditionally trained craftsmen and those ancient carved wooden pieces.

History of Dwarika’s Hotel

This hotel started with a vision to save the ancient craftsmanship of ancient Nepal when those traditional houses and equipment were supplanted by concrete structures. The founder of this hotel- Dwarika Das Shrestha with a small effort to save those crafted woods and high dedication resulted in this marvelous hotel as one of a kind which is now an inspirational story.

Incident for the Spark

One morning Dwarika went for jogging and in Kathmandu Durbar Square saw some carpenters using the wooden pieces to keep a small fire going as it chilly morning. Those wooden pieces were of one of the ruined houses on the way. As one of the first to know the true value of cultural heritage he then started to collect the ancient Newari woodworks as his lifelong quest. And start a heritage workshop in order to restore his collection with three master carvers.

The Beginning

Dwarika Shrestha bought the land where the Dwarika hotel is located now. He continued his collection of ancient windows, wooden pillars and other woodworks. Many people discouraged him from using those frames that would denote poverty. But he knew what role it could play to build prosperous Nepal and stood up to himself as those things are the cultural wealth rather than the sign of poverty.

Though he was collecting every carved woodwork (windows, doors, pillars) he could but he realized that only collection would have no meaning and justice for them (woodworks). So what he did was even greater- resurrection of the cultural context with the revival of the traditional skill to preserve it. Hence, from this realization the philosophy of the Dwarika Hotel came.

About Dwarika’s Hotel

Dwarika Hotel is one of the finest hotels in Nepal having 80 rooms meticulously designed which reflects the royal suites of 14th century Malla Kings and 30 years to construct. It is a luxurious hotel with a collection of traditional heritage. And almost every material used in this hotel is from the ancient collection.


This hotel offers 4 categories of room services offering an exotic experience

Royal Suite

dwarika hotel royal suite

The Royal Suite covers an area of 250 sq.mtr set magnificently over three floors. This design is inspired from the private abodes of the Malla Kings. The room is commodious along with an open air breakfast terrace, separate living area and entrance foyer. The private terrace offers a spectacular view of the white Himalayan peaks. Moreover, the bathroom has an area of 50 sq.mtr designed with traditional architectural features.

Heritage Executive Suite

dwarika hotel executive suite

The Executive Suite is the combination of both traditional style and modern convenience spreading over an expansive area with special amenities including a personal computer. Offering the feeling of a palace in ancient Kathmandu with magnificent view of courtyard and also a luxurious open plan bathroom.

Heritage Junior Suite

dwarika hotel heritage junior suite

The hotel consists of 43 luxurious Junior Suite with local materials like brass, slate and pottery with genuine antiques and artifacts. This suite is perfect for lounging and true relaxation with unique experience.

Heritage Deluxe Room

dwarika hotel heritage deluxe room

This room offers a traditional lifestyle without compromising the comfort. The furniture and linen are handmade at their own workshop.


Dwarika Hotel with three restaurants and a bar inside it, offers a range of culinary experiences.



This restaurant is a slow dining experience, as the ritual feasts of the Newari Community with the meal range from 6 to 20 courses. They prepare the courses using the freshest vegetables from their own farm and serve on traditional brass and earthenware. This restaurant requires reservations.



This is a Japanese restaurant at Dwarika which intimates fine Japanese dining expeience with their traditional food served in a warm and stylish setting. And the restaurant offers a unique setting combined with both Japanese and 14th century Nepali architecture which requires reservation.


 hotel taron

Toran offers a combination of popular world cuisines with Nepali flavours. This is Dwarika’s multi-cuisine all day restaurant where we can enjoy the menu in the restaurant or spacious courtyard of the hostel.


 fusion bar

This bar offers sip of exotic fruit cocktails, aperitifs with a stylish environment and Nepali barbeque on every Friday evening. The bar overlooks a swimming replicating 12th century royal bath carved with stone spouts. It’s a place to meet, drink and converse openly throughout the day and late night.


Dwarika’s Hotel presents an exotic experience of both the ancient tradition of Nepal combined with the modern culture. This hotel has a wide range of facilities like

Library room to relax and read the books.

Meeting Rooms booking available assured of smooth events.

Business centre with secretarial services and guest computers.

Free WIFI throughout the hotel for the guest.

Pool reminiscent of 12th century Malla Dynasty baths and sundowner at poolside.

Pancha Kosha Himalayan spa where one can get an authentic experience to get rid of the stress.

Yoga and Fitness center available

Also a shop where one can buy high quality jewellery, Thanka paintings, Nepali Pashmina and handicrafts by Nepali producers.

The hotel also arranges Tour and Transportation services.


Dwarika Shrestha’s (Founder of the hotel) first business was the establishment of Paras Hotel in 1952 which is the first hotel in Nepal.

The first window that he used still can be seen in the Fusion Bar.

All the vegetables, rice and lentils they use are from their own farm hill near Dhulikhel.

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