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Dolpo Dho Tarap Jumla Trek

Abhishek Subedi June 21, 2020

Dolpo Dho Tarap Jumla Trek begins from Juphal passing several villages, barren alpine lands, rivers, as well as green lush subalpine vegetation. Discovering the hidden treasure of Tarap Valley making high passes of Num – La and Baga – La, both passes are towering between Tarap valley and Phoksundo valley before entering Phoksundo Lake. These are part of the Lower Dolpo Trek which provides a rewarding experience of the trans-Himalayas whereas less raining in the monsoon. The trail goes to the upper route to Jumla but requires travelling by Kagmara – La with an elevation of 5100 meters from Ringmo. The Dolpo trekking is popular because of its unique pristine culture, people, and the trans Himalayan scenery. Moreover, natural beauties and as well as ancient chortens, monasteries and Mani walls along the trail. 

Dolpo Dho Tarap Jumla Trek

Dolpo Dho Tarap Jumla Trek offers wilderness trekking experience, but it needs to be walking through the three passes namely Num – la, Baga – La, and Kagmara – La. All of them are more than 5000 meters high, so the trekkers require good experience of the mountain and physical condition. The trail goes to the upper route to Jumla but requires travelling by Kagmara – La with an elevation of 5100 meters from Ringmo.

Although it passes through the green lush alpine vegetation, it crosses several rivers, monasteries, and villages in the Shey Phoksundo national park. And it’s buffer zones that let your lifetime memorable experience and adventures while trekking to Jumla from Dolpo. From Magar villages with lush green paddy fields surrounded by dense jungles in the south of Dhaulagiri to Bhotia fortress hamlets and gompas (monasteries) amid barren ,windswept hills, this trek shows how much more Nepal has to offer than the popular trails to Annapurna, Everest and Langtang. 

Day 1 Kathmandu to Nepalgunj

From Kathmandu, you will take a flight to the Nepalgunj. It is the town in the Western Terai and is very close to the Indian Border and the Bardia National Park. The town is a major transport hub for western, mid- western and far- western regions of Nepal.

Day 2 Nepalgunj to Juphal and Trek to Dunai

You will have a 35 minute long flight to Juphal. The trail from Juphal to Dunai is comfortable and easy as the trail on this part of trek also has few jeeps running to and fro. The first forty five minutes of the trek descends down to Kalagauda followed by two hours of hike along the trail above Thuli Bheri River.You will trek by the riverside and pass Roop Ghar with the water mill and finally reach the Dunai (2150m) a small town, the headquarter of the district. Dunai has some schools government and private, college, police check post and some government offices.You can also visit the Bon Stupa and school, Central Buddhist monastery and the very first English medium school across the river, From the Stupa you can have the view of whole town and another village, upper Dunai too. 

Day 3 Dunai to Tarakot

It is the second day of the trek, the trail goes along the river and uphill toward a fine trail. A fantastic gorge with dense pine forests along the path. Finally, you will reach a picturesque village of Tarakot.

Day 4 Tarakot to Laini

The trail gradually goes uphill along the stream, crossing over the bridge in the same stream and leaving the river then the way leads the cultivated fields. Making some ascend and descend to reach Laini odar. 

Day 5 Laini Odar to Nawarpani

 The trail leads continue uphill walking along the gorge of the Tarap River. It is a real experience of remote areas while you feel along the trail where you have to jump up one side to another side to cross the River in the narrow belt.

Day 6 Nawarpani to Dho Tarap

You will be walking through narrow gorges along trails uphill and make your own trail in a specific place in the river. This day is a very interesting walk along juniper bush and roses. Finally, get in the highest village of Dolpo, Dho-Tarap where inhabitants by Tibetan people have stayed here since ancient times.

Dolpo Dho Tarap Jumla Trek

Day 7 Dho Tarap to Tarap Numa La Base Camp

A good and unforgettable moment at Dho – Tarap, the journey leads you to the upper Tarap valley which combines flat and green scenery on both sides of the river. And finally get in Num-La base camp by passing some monasteries along the trail of Tarap valley. 

Day 8 Trek to Numa La

The trail gradually climbs up to the pass of Num-La at 5,190 m. on the ridge of Num-La with amazing views of barren landscapes of the Trans-Himalayan of Dolpo and Dhaulagiri. This day is one of the adventurous and difficult days during the trek, then descend to Pelung Tang.

Day 9 Cross Baga La 

Today, another difficult day to make a pass of Baga-La at 5,070 m. The trails go steep up to the pass with spectacular views of the Trans-Himalayas, snow-capped peak of Kanjirowa Himal and barren landscapes then downhill to Dajok Tang.

Day 10 Dajok Tang to Phoksundo Lake

Today, it easily descends along the barren yak pasture and shrubs of alpine vegetation along the trail slopes down to Phoksundo-Lake. 

Day 11 Rest day at Phoksundo Lake

Today you will explore the area around Ringmo Village and the magnificent Phoksundo Lake. First, you will visit Ringmo Village and head to Tshowa (the lake-shore Bon Monastery). The Gompa nestling a ridge top above Phoksundo Lake was built about 900 years ago. Exploring this culturally rich Bon Monastery is a fascinating experience. Then you will walk down to Phoksundo Lake along steep-sided cliffs. The lake is famous for its magnificent turquoise colour and spectacular scenery. Ringmo village, a typical Tibetan village, is scenic from Phoksundo Lake. There are several monasteries (Gompas ) and Bon-po religious sites at the park and you will spend time visiting some of these. You will also explore the wonderful natural sites and enjoy  nature tours.

Dolpo Dho Tarap Jumla Trek
Phoksundo Lake in Dolpo Nepal. Phoksundo Lake is an alpine fresh water oligotrophic lake in Shey Phoksundo National Park located in the Dolpa District.

Day 12 Ringmo to Pungmo

Today you walk down to Pungmo, which is very rewarding as huge rock walls guard the upper valley and as you leave Ringmo village, the lake can be seen. Impressive is the huge waterfall falling from the Phuksumdo River. From the prayer flags, a pleasant half an hour’s walk leads to the small settlement of Chunuwar; a lodge and an AMCHI hospital that are dedicated to providing traditional medical services for the local people. Way down to Sanduwa where you will meet a junction of the river comes from Phoksundo, and Kagmara Lekh crosses the bridge and immediately takes the right side way approximately 2 hours walk up to Pungmo.

Day 13 Pungmo to Lasa

A big climb, approximately 1,000m passing through the small settlements, forests numerous chortens and monasteries cross the bridges along the Yulun Khola. The Himalayan blue sheep and wild fox are seen from the path as well as the numerous birds in the barren pastures. 

Day 14 Lasa to Kagmara Pass to Kagmara Phedi

It is a big day as you will be crossing the Kagmara La.  The trail goes uphill towards Kagmara –La; reaching on the pass is marked in the traditional Tibetan way with hundreds of prayer flags, and the view is quite stunning. The short climb to the summit of Kagmara RI (5370m) takes no more than half an hour, but the other view is well worthy here. The stunning views of Dhaulagiri Massif in the east and Shay-Shikhar, Kanjiroba Himal in Northeast and Api and Saipal Himal in the west are equally impressive. The path steep and big descends and follows the path of Garpung Khola that leads an excellent view of Kagmara and an opportunity to see the Himalayan Blue ship.

Dolpo Dho Tarap Jumla Trek

Day 15 Kagmara Phedi to Hurikot

The trail gradually descends along the Garpung Khola through forests. It is a straightforward walk; cross several bridges in the same stream that leads Toijum then continue walking along the Garpung Khola to a Hurikot that exists a point of Shey phoksundo National Park. 

Day 16 Hurikot to Chaurikot

A delightful walk through more forest, which yields the first view of the Bheri River itself. The path can be seen detouring across the hillside through the village of Chaurikot. 

Day 17 Chaurikot to Chotra Gumpa

The trail goes gradually climbs up to Nauli Goth then further climbs up to Maure Lagna (3894 m) pass. The path descends to Ghar Khola and crosses a bridge continue to walk to another stream cross it again continue to walk along the stream to Chhopagaon the little climb to Chotra Gumpa. 

Dolpo Dho Tarap Jumla Trek

Day 18 Chotra Gumpa to Gothi Chaur

The trail leads you following the river through some of the superb forests so far seen, after a 2 hours walk you arrive in Munigaon where the police check post. The main trail continues south-east to Jajarkot and Bheri River. The trail leads you west across the several bridges to get a Gothi Chaur. 

Day 19 Gothi Chaur to Jumla

The trail goes uphill through the sheep pasture, a lovely view of the rolling hills around the surroundings. Reach in Garjyankot for lunch. A slightly longer walk in the afternoon passes a few houses following the path heading south-west to Jumla. 

Dolpo Dho Tarap Jumla Trek

Day 20 Fly from Jumla to Nepalgunj to Kathmandu Valley

In the early morning, you will take a flight to Nepalgunj then catch the next available flight to Kathmandu.


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