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Dolpa’s Culture

Anisha Rauniyar May 30, 2020

Dolpa stays a really disconnected corner of Nepal. Time has stopped here as occupants of Tibetan stock keep on living, develop and exchange the manner in which they have for accomplished for quite a long time. The Dolpa district is blessed with high passes, uncommon widely varied vegetation, clearing vistas, and rich customary Tibetan culture.

Dolpo locale is viewed as one of the most remote districts of Nepal and contains a plenitude of Himalayan pinnacles, shrouded lands, and disconnected country networks. It is one of only a handful scarcely any spots on the planet not yet hit by globalization, innovation and improvement, making this district uncommon and special. The greatest national park of Shey Phoksundo spreads over a region of 3555 sq.km and is home to blue sheep, musk deer, ghoral, thar, and the dazzling snow panthers.

This exceptional trek prompted the perfect work of art “Snow Leopards” by Peter Mathiesons, a top rated otherworldly novel. The area holds the most profound lake in Nepal, Phoksundo Lake. The lake is encircled by sticking precipices and is loaded with capturing turquoise new water which can contact the very profundity of each human heart looking for harmony and peacefulness. While investigating the old religious communities and stunning heaps of this district, you will experience local people carrying on with a semi-roaming way of life dependent on farming and animal cultivation. Because of the outrageous condition of this locale, their lives are difficult yet what they need material products, they have in profound riches.


Trekking through this piece of Nepal offers you the chance to appreciate and encounter the customary culture and the excellent cordiality of the local people. Trekking here is an undertaking that is loaded with enthusiasm, energy and is most importantly, a remarkable encounter of a lifetime.

High Himalayan Trekking offers rose trekking or plain tea house trekking for 12 days climbing trips as long as 30 days treks to the entirety of the above Dolpa area. On the off chance that you are keen on investigating the Dolpa Region underneath are a portion of the schedules, or then again we can be in contact .

The travel industry

Dolpa district is an inaccessible locale of Nepal and the essential issue of this territory is Shey Phoksumdo National Park. The east and south of Dolpa are encircled by the Dhaulagiri and Churen Himal ranges and toward the west is the Jumla region. Trekking to Lower Dolpa offers you the exceptional and stunning experience of a lifetime. The striking highlights seen here are cold pinnacles, old and remote towns, rich natural life, stunning Buddhist religious communities, and superb lakes. The individuals of this territory are straightforward and kind with a captivating society and conventions. The social customs of this territory are fundamentally connected with the Tibetan culture.

Trekking into Dolpa presents an introduction to the high and remote Himalayan valleys, looking like the Tibetan good countries. The primary feature of Dolpa trekking incorporates “Shey Phoksundo National Park” which is one of the significant National Parks of Nepal. “Shey Phoksundo Lake” is another renowned component of this area. The lake is thoroughly liberated from amphibian life, which the precious stone waters plainly illustrate. Encircled by rocks, backwoods, and snow-topped pinnacles, the region has been portrayed as one of the world’s “Normal Hidden Wonders”.

In the wake of going through Sanu Bheri town, we at that point slip to the attractive Phoksundo Lake, which is a bit of the Shey Phoksundo National Park.


This region, regardless of being the biggest in the region in the country, has just 1 vehicle as of November 2012, and no street connects to different locale. Government is attempting to connect roadway to Dolpa, Dunai. The street is connected to Rukum, Jajarkot regions. The street is 118 km long, of which 73 km street development is finished and is wanting to finish.

Culture in Dolpa

Upper district is occupied by the Buddhist and Bon religions, whose culture and convention looks like with Tibetans and they speak ‘Khaam’ fundamentally the same as Tibetan language however not the equivalent. All things considered the center and the lower belt have an awesome impact of various culture and customs. The center belt has regular culture with the quintessence of both the way of life and custom for example Tibetan and Hindus. An exceptionally run of the mill organization exists in certain bunches inside this territory that is risen up out of the Magar faction called Taralis (in neighborhood language) who has their own lingo called ‘Kaike’ that isn’t spoken anyplace else in the nation. Lower most belt is occupied by the individuals whose culture and convention is for the most part impacted by Hindus, individuals communicate in Nepali with various flavor that has the impact of Hindi. They use to converse with the great articulation of their hands.

Celebrations and ceremonies in Middle Dolpo/Tichurong


Chhaye Chu custom is done each tenth of the month as indicated by the Tibetan schedule. During this custom the senior or the head lamas perform Puja by making ‘Torma’ from Tsampa and read Tibetan Mantras and content and individuals accumulates and drones mantras. At the individuals get ‘Wang’ gift and ‘Chhog’ from head lama.


Chhaigo is ‘Another Year’ of occupants of Techurong area.This is commended in the period of December and celebrated for one day. During celebration family are assemble and eat various types nourishments and love their predecessor god.After 1oth to thirteenth long stretches of Chhaigo ‘The Rung’ significant celebration of Tarali Magar individuals is happens.


Chaiti or Rung celebration is the significant celebration of Tarali Magar people.It is happens during winter month of Jan/Feb after ‘Chhaigo’ New Year. It is praised for one month, and the fundamental day of Chaiti or Rung is ‘Lapsole’ the sign for this primary day depends on when Seven Stars and Moon is concur in one line. On the ‘Lapsole’ each family unit recharge their rooftop banner ‘Tarchuwa’ and inward ‘Do’. During this celebration individuals get appreciate with eating and drinking, nobody goes for work. Youngsters and childrens assemble in one spot and they play various games. Individuals welcome one another and make clench hand. This celebration is praised to devoting their precursor god ‘Chyopata’ as goodbye for his excursion towards Terai district.


Keja is happens in the March and t is praised to invite the spring season. This celebration is particularly for women. In this celebration individuals cause breads and accumulate in a spot to get move and mess around.


Keja is happens in the long stretch of April and it is an invite festivity of spring and returning of their progenitor god ‘Chyopata’ from Terai area. In this custom little triangular formed buckwheat breads are made and offer to their precursor god, as he had his long time in Terai and had a great deal of rice thus to change taste invited him by buckwheat bread. This is another appreciate the full celebration for gentlemen. During this celebration, individuals use to play with bows and arrows also.


Rungma is another significant celebration of Tarali individuals. This celebration happens in mid of March. In this celebration one house turns out to be ‘New’ Rungma and another family becomes ‘Old’ Rungma. New Rungma is going to top of ‘Old’ Rungma. It is praised for 3 days, where all the locals accumulate in ‘New’ Rungma’s home and have extraordinary clench hand appreciate with moving and singing.


These the two celebrations are Shamanistic celebration and It is falls in the long stretch of July and August separately. During this celebration, Dhamis(Shamans) voyages significant distance for journey and profit for the Srawan Purney or before full moon day and Dhamis perform move and lovers come to Dhamis living arrangement with blossoms, and natural products. They got some information about the fates and Dhamis tells about fate of people.It is praised for 2-3 days.


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