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Corona Update Nepal

Dhan Nach

Anisha Rauniyar July 26, 2020

Dhan Nach is the most anticipated and expected occasion in any mela, marriage or celebration. In the event that the dining experience is the starter in the reasonable. Than the Dhan Nach is the fundamental course.

The individuals are glad, maybe with the assistance of small something, their chuckling resounding noticeable all around. The mind-set is totally set. It is a urgently sight to see individuals of any age meeting up. Clasping hands and pushing their feet in an ahead . In reverse movement as one regularly went with the customary tune of Palam. The verses of the Palam involves the reiteration of ‘ha… ha…hui…hui‘ the sound individuals use to alarm crows from eating the harvests in the old days.

dhan nach

In any case, there is something else entirely to Dhan Nach than what meets the eye. It isn’t minor howling or fun. Underneath that, its importance lies as profound as the time that it began in. Dhan Nach or all the more plainly paddy move is associated with the Agrarian idea of the Limbu society. The planned development of the feet is the order of the sifting of paddy. Paddy was the fundamental ware of the Limbu individuals. Since the time they learned horticulture and it at last brought forth their way of life and way of life. Through paddy they figured out how to separate liquor. What’s more, liquor grew up to shape their marriage framework just as their business.

dhan nach

Despite the fact that Dhan Nach is a relic of days gone by, it is a deliberately expounded show to locate a possible mate. This is additionally the motivation behind why individuals of a similar family never take part in a similar move as marriage between them is carefully disallowed. In an age when there was no Facebook or Tinder it was an ideal opportunity to refresh their profile, set up their best look and show their best character. Catch marriage and elopement was not a bizarre site in these events. Limbu individuals were not the ones to problem with long traditions back then, if it was the hour of the stately move.


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