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Abhishek Subedi May 26, 2020

Daman, Makwanpur is the real paradise destination in Nepal with the greatest views of the Himalayas. It is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Nation. This place is the true example of natural beauty where one can enjoy the panoramic view of landscapes, hills and snow capped mountains. The greatest snow capped mountains of the world rise above the misty cloud and grace the skyline of Daman. The natural beauty of Daman is charming enough to draw the attention of the tourists from all over Nepal and other parts of the world. On the clear day one can bless themselves with the majestic view of Mount Dhaulagiri in the west to Mount Everest in the East. 


Location of Daman

Daman is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Thaha Municipality of Makwanpur District. It is on the Tribhuvan Highway of the country. This place lies in the southeast of the Kathmandu valley. It is at an altitude of 2322 meters above sea level. This site offers panoramic views of the beautiful mountain ranges of the Himalayas. It provides the great opportunity for  the people of Kathmandu valley to observe its beauty. The village lies on the outskirts of the Kathmandu valley. More than 90% of the population of Daman are dependent on agriculture and the rest of the population are on hotel business and others.

History and Myths

According to the Hindu purans and holy books, Lord Shiva was mourning over the dead body of his beloved wife Satidevi. He was lamenting and carrying his wife’s body from place to place. Being so thirsty, the Lord Shiva hit the big rock with his Trisula and water came out.  Visitors can still see the water flowing from  between the two rocks. This holy place of Daman is later known as the Rikheshor Mahadev temple. This is the old myth surrounding the history of this beautiful place.

Special sites of the Daman

Daman is far from the hustle and bustle of city life. People can have some quality, peaceful and relaxing trips in this place. The best sites of this wonderful tourists destination are listed below:

  • Shree Rikheshor Mahadev Temple: 

This is the site surrounding the old myths of the Daman. It is to be believed that the water coming from between the two rocks was due to the Lord Shiva. The temple is located at the top of Daman village. The temple is the shrine of the Hindu god of destructive Lord Shiva. It is considered to be the sacred and awakened temple. It is believed that wishes of devotees are granted once it is spoken to the lingam here. The devotees whisper their wishes into the ear of the Nandi bull which is outside of the main shrine guarding the sanctum. The main festivals celebrated in this Temple are Fagu purnima and Thulo Ekadasi. People have to hike for about 1 hour on a trail with dense green woods to get to the temple as it is about 1 km from the main point of the Daman.  

  • Mountain Botanical Garden: 

Mountain Botanical garden is a must visit site in the Daman. The lawn of the garden is very well decorated and beautifully maintained. The garden has a great collection of flora. During springtime, the garden is filled with the ravishing red blooms of the rhododendron ( national flower of our country). It’s just up the hill from the Daman Mountain Resort Viewing Tower, on the left. The best time to visit here is from the month of February to March as visitors can enjoy the bloom of Rhododendron.  The garden is open every day from 10am -5pm.

  • Daman View Tower

It is the view tower located on the top of the hill of the Daman. From this tower we can get a beautiful glimpse of the Dhaulagiri Circuit and the tallest mountain of World Mount Everest. The views of the amazing landscape excites the tiring heart, soul and min.


Activities in Daman

  • Hiking:

The best thing to do in Daman is to explore the town at our heart’s content. The Daman offers you the freedom to wander around as much as you want. We can hike in the different hiking routes here. Hiking around this place you can pass through the many little gompa with thousands of prayer flags, see the profound cultivated Palung valley known as the garden of Kathmandu valley. Daman is a hill station famous for sunrise and sunset with the magnificent view of Himalaya’s ranges against the enormity of the sky. Its hiking trail winds throughout crazy quilt valleys, opaque forests and past icy waterfalls. The hike in this place offers you to experience the culture and explore the natural sightseeing area.

  • Biking

Daman biking is one of the best adventures for all the trekkers, seeking the ultimate panoramic Himalayan views. Bikers can bike on a trail located in the dense forest.

Best time to visit Daman

Every season has its own appeal in Daman. The springs offer the visitors with the view of red rhododendrons spread all over the mountains. Autumn brings you the clearest sky in the year and perfect view of the mountains. Summer season is comparatively warmer than other seasons and ideal for hiking and biking trails. Winter season is quite magical and admirable here. The bone chilling cold and snowfall is perfect for those who want to enjoy the snowfall and snow fight.

My Trip to Daman

My trip to Daman was the unplanned one as my friends called me to go there to enjoy the snowfall. I went there during the winter season of last year. It was about a 4 hour drive from the Kathmandu valley. We went there and booked a hotel room. Take rest for some period of time. I was amazed by the view of the Daman village. It looked like the scene from the Hollywood movies giving the feeling of a beautiful ice village.

Despite the very cold weather, the excitement of playing with white snow did not make me feel cold at all.  Many youngsters like me were here to enjoy the snowfall. We went back to the hotel after playing and having fun in the snow. The next morning we had lunch in the hotel and went back to Kathmandu. Even though it was the short and quick trip to the village, I enjoyed it to the fullest.

How to get there

We can get there from the hired vehicles from  Kathmandu along the Tribhuvan highway. It is about 77 km far from the capital city, halfway to Hetauda. 


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