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Corona Update Nepal


Anisha Rauniyar August 3, 2020

Damak lies in the huge and evergreen timberland of the Shivalik Hills. The east is circumscribe by the strong Ratuwa River and toward the west ever-streaming Maawa River. The city closes at the crossing point of these waterways in the south. The Mahendra Highway i.e The East-West Highway crosses the region practically half.

As indicated by the evaluation of 2011, Damak is the second biggest city of Jhapa with 1,05,743, individuals making the city there home. The ethnicity and station example of the district shows assorted variety with significant ethnic gatherings, for example, Brahman, Chhetri, Dhimal, Limbu, Newar and Rai. Other than these ethnic gatherings a little extent of Kami, Tamang, Dhami is additionally present in the city. Despite the fact that with this, huge decent variety, the individuals of Damak have been living in harmony and concordance with one another.


Features of the City

  • Damak Chitra Mandir; Famous film lobby of Nepal.
  • Sisauli Farm.
  • Satasidham; Majestic Waterfall.
  • Domukha; Oldest Picnic Spot.


Damak is practically 400km from the capital and can take somewhere in the range of 9 to 10 hours to reach. Standard transports and jeeps takeoff from Kathmandu. Be that as it may, aviation routes can be another choice for increasingly helpful and quick travel. There are two air terminals situate in nearness to the city. Biratnagar Airport is 56km and Bhadrapur Airport is about 52km from the city. Both the air terminals are nearly a similar separation and the street condition is additionally nearly the equivalent, clear and smooth. Sasquatch Airlines offers types of assistance to the two air terminals.


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