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Chulu Far East Peak Climb

Abhishek Subedi June 14, 2020

Chulu Far East Peak is a moderate peak climbing adventure passing through the tranquil landscapes, lush vegetation and traditional cultural heritages dominated by Gurung people in the Annapurna region. The top of the peak rewards the unrivalled views of Annapurna II, III, IV, Gangapurna, Manasalu, Pisang Peak and Chulu West Peak. Together with peak climbing, the trip also encompasses world’s highest Tilicho Lake at 4949 metre which holds a special position among the Hindu devotees.  The Chulu Far East Peak is located inside Annapurna region of Nepal and was first ascended by the German Expedition Team in 1955. It is a thrilling experience that lets you enjoy the soft white snows with the views of the pink Himalayas during the sunrise and sunset.

Chulu Far East Peak Climb

The trip itself is a beautiful journey as you can witness the both natural and cultural beauty of the country. You will pass through many Gurung Villages where you are welcomed with the big smile and treated like you are in your home. This is the most amazing trip with the many adventurous activities and thrilling memories. The excitement to reach the peak of the Chulu Far East Peak is the main highlight of the whole trip with the peaceful and serene beauty of the Tilicho Lake. The trekking trails are filled with lush vegetation and sights of the distant mountain peaks augment the feel of surrealism to the trekking journey. Experience the differences on the terrain that ranges from subtropical woodlands to dry arid landscapes as you move higher. It takes you through the lowland villages occupied by Brahmin and Chhetri ethnic people to far off settlements of Manang. 

Day 1 Kathmandu to Jagat

The trekking starts with the ride from Kathmandu to Jagat which is about 8 hours. This ride gives you some insight of the rural people; their lifestyle and their culture.

Day 2 Chamje to Bagarchhap

The walk begins on the rocky trail following the Marshyangdi River and progressively travelling uphill to Tal that lies at 1675 meters. This is the first village in the Manang district. The trail crosses an extensive flat valley, then ascends along a stone staircase at 1860 meters. Continuing the journey, you would be trekking to Dharapani at 1890 meters where you can find stone chortens- a typical character pertaining to religious beliefs of the Tibetan villages from here northwards. Then you will visit the village of Bagarchhap at 2160 meters where you can get the view of typical flat roofed stone houses of local Tibetan design.

Day 3 Bagarchhap to Chame

The trail takes you to the beautiful village of the Chame. The often rough and rocky trail climbs to Timang first at 2360 meters and continues through lush forests near the river to Kopar that lies at an elevation of 590 meters.  Approaching Chame- the headquarters of the Manang district, you will be rewarded by amazing views of Annapurna and two small hot springs by the town.

Chulu Far East Peak Climb

Day 4 Chame to Pisang

The trek begins through a forested steep and narrow valley. After crossing a river on a long bridge at 2910 meters, you can look at the view of the Towering Paungda Danda rock face beginning to appear. From here, the trail climbs to Pisang.

Day 5 Pisang to Humde Village

The trip commences towards the Humde Village. As you walk the short distance you can see in the distance the only airport on the east side of the trail. After reaching Humde, you can find the Manang airstrip and a few houses and lodges in a small spread out settlement. One of the longest prayer wheels in the region, consisting of 266 wheels, runs through the centre of this village.

Day 6 Humde to Julu Khola

This section of the trip follows a thinly forested trail to bring you to Jhulu Khola. While following through the level trail on the route, you can capture the Annapurna valley Himalayan views. The trail also offers the sight of Pisang PEak.

Day 7 July Khola to Chulu Far East Base Camp

You will follow a steeply climbing trail to reach at Chulu Far East Base Camp. The climbing trail at times crosses rocks as well. During this trek, you will be accompanied by the amazing and majestic views of Annapurna Valley Himalayas.

Day 8 Chulu East Base Camp to Chulu Far East High Camp

You will follow a steep climbing trail through snow slopes. As you continue climbing, you can see amazing vistas of Annapurna Valley Himalayas including the views of Chulu East, Chulu West, and the Chulu Far East. To the most, the trip today offers you the crystal clear views of Pisang Peak.

Day 9 High Camp to Chulu Far East Peak to Base Camp

The peak climbing trip today brings you to the glorious point of this adventure in the Himalayas as you conquer the top of Chulu Far East. Hence, today you will begin the peak climbing trip around in the dark morning. Initially,you will follow a level trail. The next section of the trail gradually becomes steeper and even crosses rocks in the mountain tracks. The demanding trek eventually brings to the point of climax of this section of the trip that is the top of Chulu Far East. From the top of the peak, you can enjoy the incredible views of Annapurna II, III, IV, Gangapurna, Manaslu, Pisang Peak, Chulu west and the Himlung Valley at the north side. After capturing the captivating views from the top of the peak, you will descend all along the vertical slopes to the high camp at first and then again follow a descending trail to reach the base camp of Chulu Far East.

Day 10 Chulu Far East Camp to Manang

This section of the trail at first brings you to Julu Khola from where you follow a level trail along the forests to reach Manang – a beautiful village just below the Thorong La Pass situated within the Annapurna conservation area. Gurung, Ghale, and Lamas are the inhabitants of this Trans-Himalayan village.

Chulu Far East Peak Climb

Day 11 Manang to Siri Kharka

The day starts early in the morning as the trekkers will head out through the western gates and follow the path down to the river. After crossing the river, you will continue your walk on its southern side through coniferous forests. Then you will reach the Kangsar Village and walk further up towards Siri Kharka and pass a monastery on the way. The uphill walk is tiring but the views of the Gungang Himal and Mount Chulu in the backdrop will ease your mind and body.

Day 12 Siri Kharka to Tilicho Lake

The path from Siri Kharka to Tilicho Base camp is not very steep or physically strenuous. But it could be exhausting as you have to walk on narrow paths in a loose scree and landslide prone area. The trail goes through the middle of the landslide area where you can see impressive rock formations along the trail.

Day 13 Visit the Tilicho lake 

After the initial tough ascent, the trail continues to pester along the side of the mountain in a gradual steep incline before reaching the watershed. On the way, you can enjoy yaks and deer grazing along the trail. On the other side is Tilicho Lake, a large spectacular lake nestled at the foot of the north face of Tilicho Peak. The lake was referred to by the leader of the French expedition team as ‘The Great Ice Lake’. The Lake also holds an important place for the Hindus as this sacred lake is featured in one of the holiest texts of the Hindus, The Ramayana. 

Day 14 Tilicho Lake to Mesokanto La Pass to Yak Kharka

You will follow a climbing trail to arrive at Eastern Pass 5340 meter from where you can enjoy the captivating views of Annapurna, Gangapurna and Tilicho Himal. Then you will pass through a descending trail at first till to Mesokanto La Pass at where you can enjoy the spectacular views of Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Tilicho Himal and Tukuche Peak. Keeping the mesmerizing views of the Himalayas, you will again continue the descending trail at some distance. The end of the descending trail paves the way forward a level trail to connect you with Yak Kharka.

Day 15 Yak Kharka to Jomsom

The descending trail today ahead at first brings you to Thinigaon. After crossing the village you will follow a level trail which will eventually lead you to Jomsom. This section of the trip will be backed by the arresting views of Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri and Tukuche Peak.

Day 14 Jomsom to Pokhara

The travelers will take a flight back to Pokhara.  The remaining afternoon can be spent exploring the beautiful landscapes, lakes and hills of the city. You can also roam around the market area of the Pokhara in the night and get yourself immersed in the limelight of the city.

Day 15 Pokhara to Kathmandu

It is time to bid farewell to the Pokhara valley and take a bus ride back to the Kathmandu valley. You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, river valleys and clear sky through the window of the bus before reaching the city.

This exciting and adventurous trip will let you enjoy the thrilling feeling of climbing the snowy peak of the Chulu East with the stunning views of the pink Himalayas.  


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