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Anisha Rauniyar May 29, 2020

The Chandragiri Chitlang Kulekhani street is a notable course coming into or leaving Kathmandu and was at one time the main way to enter this charming valley. Vintage photos show sixty watchmen battling to convey an engine vehicle along this street which was a serious accomplishment considering the tough move to the Chandragiri go before dropping to Kathmandu. Albeit once a significant lane, the street once in a while observes significant distance voyagers nowadays yet fills in as a decent climb to Chitlang and Kulekhani.

Chitlang is a fruitful valley with a little stream moving through the open verdant rice fields and vegetable patches. With the utilization of water from this stream for water system, the valley supplies a bigger measure of vegetables to Kathmandu as cabbage, radishes and that’s just the beginning. The town is spread along the primary street however comprises of a few distinct settlements with the first Newar town sitting in the middle between different settlements. The retreat and one of the home stays are on the opposite side of the stream while the other home stays are not a long way from the primary street. Incredibly strolling from one finish of Chitlang to the opposite end takes close to 60 minutes.

Chitlang Village

Dark beat street on climb to the memorable course of Chandragiri-Chitlang-Kulekhani.

A portion of the ousted Malla eminence are said to have gotten away to Chitlang after they were vanquished by Prithvinarayan Shah in the eighteenth Century. A little over the primary street a little place of worship despite everything remains, where they are accepted to have petitioned their hereditary divine beings. The place of worship has various weapons holding tight the divider. The passage to a cavern can be seen here which they should have used to arrive at the water ramble (this is otherwise called Narayan Hiti as the one in Kathmandu.) A huge circular square of stone accepted to be a gun ball lies close to the imperial hallowed place.

There are a few types of transport accessible, however climbing or a ride on the link vehicle is an undeniably progressively pleasant methods for coming to Chitlang. The link vehicle drops off travelers on the edge from where it is a simple climb down. By and by there are five practical home stays and a hotel where you can go through a night or two. A portion of the home stays are fundamental however they are continually improving their offices with the expansion of shower rooms and so on. One specifically is even more a normal cabin however is well known for goat cheddar creation. The owner was prepared in Belgium and France and consistently has new cheddar accessible for his visitors just as available to be purchased. You can visit his cheddar creating office joined by him.

Chitlang Organic Farm

Neighborhood vacationers drifting at Indra Sarovar, water repository at Kulekhani.

A climb to the Kulekhani repository past Chitlang takes around two hours in the event that you take the alternate way staying away from the engine street which takes an all the more long and winding course. There are hotels and restaurants at Kulekhani and numerous Nepali explorers seek the fish delights and some accept a plunge too. One can get a transport back to Kathmandu from here as there are very few travelers going from Chitlang. The majority of the travelers are gotten here before heading for Kathmandu.

Indrasarovar Lake


There are a few way to reach Chitlang from the capital city and with the acquaintance of a link vehicle with the highest point of the edge, one can diminish the climb to simply going downhill from the top after a short ride. Transports and littler vehicles leave from Kathmandu and reach Taukhel close Chitlang by means of Kulekhani. Chitlang is a simple one hour stroll from Taukhel. Transports from Hetauda go right to Chitlang additionally through Kulekhani and leave for Hetauda toward the beginning of the day. Above Thankot is a settlement known as Godam from where some pickup vehicles leave for Chitlang in the first part of the day and go by means of the Chandragiri pass; it’s the most limited course taking about 60 minutes. One lot of transports travel by means of Pharping close Dakshinkali and takes around three hours however don’t reach Chitlang, with Taukhel being the nearest point. Different vehicles take the old Tribhuvan Highway to reach Kulekhani. The get vehicles to Kathmandu from Chitlang leave in the first part of the day while the transport leaves from Taukhel toward the evening.

Settlement in Chitlang

There are a few home stays which are constrained by the Home Stay Association (the workplace is next to the primary street) which chooses the rates and where the visitors should remain. The hotel is on the opposite side of the waterway.

Chitang Resort

It is the main retreat at Chitlang, began in 2010. Author of the hotel is Mr Debendra Nepal, otherwise called “Father of Chitlang Tourism”, for his commitment to begin the travel industry in Chitlang. After finish of graduation and ace degree in Tourism Management, he returned to his old neighborhood and began battle to set up Chitlang as model the travel industry goal. Presently it is a renowned traveler goal among Nepalese and remote visitor too.

They plan to give genuine Nepali food, regular remain to the visitors. They have 19 rooms perfect to nature. Colleagues are from the town with exceptional neighborliness. Each one can appreciate with nature without missing the advanced conveniences of large business lodgings.

  • Highest Elevation: 2182m
  • Lowest Elevation: 1749m
  • Population: 5830 (1991)


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