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Corona Update Nepal

Children’s Art Museum Of Nepal

Anisha Rauniyar June 17, 2020

Childrens’s Art Museum (CAM) is a protected and inventive space that furnishes kids and youth with imaginative and instructive outlets for communicating and thinking about their way of life.

Youngsters’ Art Museum of Nepal (CAM) plans to give craftsmanship offices and encounters that are so perceptibly missing in our nation, by causing an innovative spot for kids so they to can unreservedly communicate through workmanship, learn and feel glad for their personality simultaneously.

CAM has been dynamic in the network since September 2013, even before we had a physical space to work in, carrying workmanship to study halls and other kids’ spaces so we could achieve the objectives we had set out. With the assistance of an energetic reaction from anxious volunteers and kids’ gatherings, we chip away at different occasions and workshops, and have set up associations with different nearby and universal social help associations.


After the serious seismic tremor of 25 April, 2015, numerous youngsters were influenced by the harm created by the quake. Schools and houses had crumpled, towns were leveled, and in excess of 9000 individuals were executed. The physical and mental injury brought about by this huge cataclysmic event was felt by nearly everybody in the nation.

CAM Nepal began an alleviation program toward the beginning of May, visiting youngsters in the camps set up across Kathmandu. CAM Nepal gave youngsters a chance to sublimate their feelings about the seismic tremor by utilizing craftsmanship exercises, games and narrating exercises that caused them to feel sheltered and secure enough to communicate their musings through different mediums.


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