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Chhimkeshwari Temple

Anisha Rauniyar May 9, 2020

Chhimkeshwari is abundant in nature and history but suffers from a shortage of infrastructure. Chhimkeshwari lies in the northern part of the hilly district of Tanahun, in the Mahabharat region. The temple that houses Chhimkeshwari is settle on a hill as high as 2,134 meters from the sea level. Chhimkeshwari could only be the highlight of Tanahun, a district rich in political, cultural and natural resources.

Chhimkeshwari Temple Myths

As the story goes, the goddess Chhimkeshwari may is the elder sister of Manakamana may in Gorkha and Akala may in Tanahun. While it may not be as common as the two, Chhimkeshwari can see a large number of her devotees gathering at her door to receive her blessings. There is an ancient statue in a prostrate role at one corner of the temple. The stone, legends claim, is a representation of the strength of Chhimkeshwari as the elder goddess. Chhimkeshwari was deceive to learn that two of her younger sisters approved the sacrifices of pigs and ducks as offerings. In revenge, Chhimkeshwari May lay prostrate on the floor, refusing to look at her sisters. The statue is also a sign of her influence, and today it is a reminder of the goddess that she is. The goddess of Chhimkeshwari herself provides only the gifts of goats and pigeons as offerings.

While mainly known for the temple of Chhimkeshwari Increasing, the place is not only for Hindu devotees. The region is abundant in nature and history. The hills of Chhimkeshwari are flank on three sides by the rivers Trishuli, Marsyangdi and Seti. The hill itself overlooks nearly all the mountains to the north, and the valleys to the south. The hill also provides a glimpse of the breathtaking scenes of the rising and falling sun.


Such settlements are rule by the Gurung, Magar, Newar, Chetri, Damai and Chepang tribes. Locals often perform ancestral dance types such as Kaura, Jhyaure, Ghatu, Lakhe, Tayamacha and Sorathi. Recently, residents have tried to foster these age-old traditions in order to improve the city economically and as a tourism destination. Community homes have been set up in the villages of Hilekharka and Chhimkeshwari. Locals have the ability to set up homestays in settlements such as Aklang, Bhange and Abu, among others. Most of the locals here are farmers who grow crops such as millet, buckwheat, wheat, maize; these food crops are staples of their diet and are the focus of the meals serve to their guests.

Chhimkeshwari is great if you’re a junkie by course. It is one of the ten destinations in Tanahun chosen by the provincial government to visit Nepal in 2020. The woods in the region are havens for animals such as wolf, lion, leopard, and butterflies. During autumn, rhododendron and sungabha light the trees during varying shades of colour. But not everyone here is pink. There is a lack of services and facilities such as communication, electricity and drinking water in the town.


What to eat: bread and dhindo made from millet and wheat, gundruk, local raksi and local chicken dishes.

Where to stay: Hilekharka Homestay; Chhimkeshwari Homestay Detours: Bandipur is nearby. And there are several famous religious shrines all over the city.

Budget: from 2,000 to 3,000 per user.

  • Highest Elevation: 1230m
  • Lowest Elevation: 965m
  • Population: 2000


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