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Corona Update Nepal

Chhaupadi Pratha

Anisha Rauniyar July 23, 2020

Chhaupadi pratha is a convention polished by young ladies and ladies in Nepal during feminine cycle. In this, ladies are kept in the bovine shed of a different spot for 13 days during their first period. For 5–7 days of every month during feminine cycle for the remainder of their lives. The Nepalese individuals accept the chhaupadi pratha ought to be genuinely followed due to strict convictions toward Hindu Gods. Individuals imagine that ladies on their period are tainted and can’t perform day by day exercises.

It’s accepted that if the principles aren’t followed, the Hindu Gods will be irate and put curses on the family. As a rule if the standard is broken you’ll see older folks in the family shaking, trembling, and yelling. At whatever point anything terrible occurs, similar to a snake drawing close to the house, or a relative getting sick. It is regularly accused on these standards not being followed. At the point when the standards are broken, a major function needs to occur. The young lady or lady must apologize to the Gods by saying that she won’t do this again and promising to observe the guidelines later on. In many cases, a creature, for example, a chicken or goat in yielded to respect the Gods.

This convention is followed carefully in the far western and mid-western areas however it is seen over the whole nation. It doesn’t recognize various positions or financial gatherings. At the point when ladies remain in the shed, they are just furnished with a little gundri or a slender layered mat. The explanation bed sheets and covers aren’t given is that the family wouldn’t have the option to utilize them once more. You can envision throughout the winter months, particularly in the mountains, that there is amazingly chilly climate.


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