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Chepang Trek

Anisha Rauniyar July 1, 2020

Chepang slope trek is a recently opened trekking trail situated in Chitwan locale. It is a short and simple experience to the underestimated ethnic network. This trek will take you on those zones where the little ethnic gatherings called “Chepang” lives. The fundamental point of opening this as another trekking trail is to advance their way of life and business. This indigenous gathering has particular way of life and wealthy in social convention. They have a traveling existence which includes chasing, burrowing for wild roots, fishing and customary style of cultivating close to wildernesses before they took to stationary existence with the start of dairy cattle raising and the act of farming. They have special settlements, social association, language, culture, religion and celebrations. Other than the untamed life and numerous types of widely varied vegetation in Chitwan, the Chepang slope trek is currently step by step expanding its fascination for the explorers. This outing takes you to spots of social intrigue and furthermore to places which are normally picturesque. Other than the nature and culture the most intriguing things is the home stay experience which is offered during the trek. You will have an interesting encounter of sharing the ranch work to food and remaining in a nearby home with the neighborhood individuals sharing the nearby natural nourishments. This trekking trail is totally immaculate by the prior types of the travel industry. Trekking in Chepang slopes trail drives us through the unexplored piece of the Chitwan.

chepang trek

This trek is anything but difficult to direct degree of trekking so trekking in this path doesn’t require past understanding. We start our trek with a grand drive from Kathmandu to Hugdi which is around 80 kilometer away from Kathmandu. We climb through the ethnic towns and ranch patios getting a charge out of the occasional foods grown from the ground cordiality. The fundamental fascination of Chepang slope is Home stay offered by the neighborhood house. The Home Stay program is planned so as to create salary opportunities for underestimated individuals and to bring issues to light about the wellbeing, sanitation and instruction. Chepang home stay likewise gives the traditional taste to tongue, you can appreciate Dhendo (national food) presented with string beans, verdant greens, potatoes, wild sweet potatoes and stinging brambles. On the following day, we begin our trek to Hatti blast, Jyandala, Upper Dhangadi lastly to Shaktikhor. The view like a scope of Himalayan pinnacles, for example, Rolwaling, Dorje Lakpa, Gaurishanker, Langtang, Manaslu Range, Himalchuli, Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri and fantastic dawn and nightfalls can be plainly watched while trekking these territories. Feathered creature viewing and other characteristic attractions will make your trek vital with well disposed Nepalese neighborliness and their grin. Chepang slope trek awards of the particular blend of unrated social experience. Toward the finish of the trekking you will discover significantly increasingly about the life of these separated wilderness individuals.


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