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Corona Update Nepal


Anisha Rauniyar June 12, 2020

Chautara Sangachowkgadi is a region in Sindhupalchowk District in the Bagmati Zone of focal Nepal. The region was built up on 18 May 2014 by combining Pipaldanda, Kubhinde, Sanusiruwari Village Development Committees as Chautara Municipality. Later on 2017 it was exhausted again blending Sangachok, Thulo Sirubari, Kadambas, Irkhu, Batase and Syaule Village Development Committees to shape Chautara Sangachowkgadi Municipality. It is presently partitioned to 14 wards. This is the region home office of the Sindhupalchowk District. The district remains at the height of roughly 1,600 m above ocean level. Strict and social celebrations structure a significant piece of the lives of individuals living in Chautara. There are individuals of different strict convictions, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity too, giving Chautara a cosmopolitan culture. Nepali is the most ordinarily communicated in language in the district. In like manner, Newari and different dialects, for example, Tamang is additionally spoken as the Newars and Tamangs command the settlement in populace.

Chautara Bazar
Chautara Bazar


Chautara is situated in the northern piece of Nepal and spreads a territory of around 50 square kilometers. The normal height is 1,600 meters above ocean level. It is in the Deciduous Monsoon Forest Zone, one of five vegetation zones characterized for Nepal. The predominant tree species in this zone are oak, pine, beech, maple and others, with coniferous trees at higher elevation.

Ethnic Groups

The biggest ethnic gatherings are Sherpa, Newar, Brahmin, Chhetri,Gurung, Magars, Tamang, and so forth. The significant dialects are Newar, Tamang, Nepali, Nepal Bhasa and English is comprehended by larger part of individuals. The significant religions are Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity.


The staple food of the individuals of Chautara is dal bhat. It comprises of rice and lentil soup, by and large presented with vegetable curries, achar and now and again chutney. Momo, a sort of Nepali adaptation of Tibetan dumpling, has gotten conspicuous in Chautara with numerous road merchants selling it. It is one of the most mainstream quick nourishments in Chautara. Different Nepali variations of momo including buff momo, chicken momo, and vegan momo are well known in Chautara. In any case, the act of vegetarianism isn’t remarkable, and veggie lover cooking styles can be found all through the city. Buff (meat of water wild ox) is normal. The main breakfast for local people and guests is generally Momo or Chowmein.


The merriments, for example, the Loshar, Dashain, Tihar, Shivratri and a lot more are seen by all Hindu and Buddhist people group of Chautara. A portion of the customary celebrations saw in Chautara separated from those recently referenced, are Loshar, Bada Dashain, Tihar, Maghe Sankranti, Naga Panchami, Janai Poornima, Teej/Rishi Panchami, Gaurati Jatra,saune sagrati and so forth.


Football and Cricket are the most well known games among the more youthful age in Chautara. The main ground in the city is the Chautara Tudhikhel Ground, a multi-reason ground utilized for the most part for football matches and social occasions. A few football matches are led in this ground each year. It is home to the football clubs, for example, Chautara Sporting Club (CSC), Star Club, Kshitiz Club, Tol Sudhar and so on.

2015 Nepal Earthquake

The town was seriously influenced by the seismic tremor on 25 April 2015. More than 90% of the homes in the town had been decimated. The fundamental medical clinic of the town had crumpled. The town experienced water shortages.Relief laborers and the Nepali armed force met government authorities in Chautara to examine the crisis reaction to the compassionate emergency. Be that as it may, government authorities have avoided sight because of the indignation of the occupants of the town. Many individuals swarmed before the regulatory office in Chautara, requesting that authorities convey progressively tents to quake survivors resting without cover. The administration had tents, yet they were not given to the inhabitants of the town.

  • Lowest Elevation: 1600m


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