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Chakhure Trek

Anisha Rauniyar July 3, 2020

We don’t have large mountains in the western piece of Nepal. At the same time, the little mountains that we have are extremely excellent without anyone else. As a matter of fact, western Nepal is wealthy in common, daring exercises, culture and, different the travel industry exercises. We have bunches of new goals for changed vacationers. Among which, Chakhure Trek is the best one with extremely new experience, the main revelation of Western Nepal Treks and Expedition this April, 2015

A short portrayal of Chakhure Trek

Among the treks in western piece of Nepal, Chakure Trek is truly intriguing and audacious one. The mountains here are little however, they are extremely lovely. You can make your trek total at different purposes of the course as indicated by your decision. Taking course, Chaurjhari – Chakhure – Dolpa or, by Chaurjhari – Chakhure – Jumla – Rara, the trek can be finished. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are having sufficient opportunity, at that point you can reach to Jumla/Rara or, up to Bajura. Coming to at different spots, we cross some littler passes.

Among the goes, from Chakhure Pass (4200 m), we will have the option to take sights of numerous heaps of the Western Nepal like Kanjirawa (6883 m), Patrasi (6627 m), Saipal (7030 m), Dhaulagiri Range (8167 m). Alongside this, before coming to Chakhure Pass we get follow by the Nurshing River for 3 days . Then we enter to Nayakbada of Jajarkot locale which is socially rich, topographically interesting.

Among Nayakbada and, the Chakhure Pass, we can see diverse pasteur lands, rhododendron Trees, pine trees . Few extremely delightful cold slopes as well while strolling along the Range stream. At long last, the Chakhure Lake gives a sentiment of brilliant delight. At different spots, man-made bungalows are accessible for the trekkers. Where, we have probability to remain and, experience nearby societies from the townspeople (Shepherds, ranchers, Nomaids/Rautes).

Best Weather

On the off chance that we are choosing our trek on March, April and May. We discover townspeople occupied in looking through occasional mushrooms just as other changed herbs in the wildernesses, the optional salary source after farming for them. During our trek, there is probability to see Red Pandas, which the Western Nepal is exceptionally acclaim for. From Chakhure Lake, we can dive towards Napani, otherwise called Apple Garden of Jumla. Another new trek, Thakurjee has its a few sections in the Chakhure Trek that begins at Tumtu.

Subsequent to coming to Jumla, we can return back to Nepalgunj or, can stretch out our course to Rara Lake. Only 2 hour from Rara Lake, we reach Talche Airport (Mugu) from where we can likewise fly back to Nepalgunj. I f we have progressively 3 days at that point, we can go Kolte Airport( Bajura) from Rara Lake and, fly back to Nepalgunj. Making a trip from Rara to Kolte, we need to follow Khatyad River for 2 days. That begins for Rara Lake which comes to meet Humla Karnali at Jhugala; Mugu Karnali is command by Humla Karnali, is a consecrated water since, it originates from Tibet. More individuals need to clean up in this hallowed water with the conviction that individuals dispose of past awful sins.


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