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Canyoning – The Heart Pumping Adventure

Abhishek Subedi May 23, 2020

Canyoning is one of the thrilling and adventurous outdoor sports to experience in Nepal as our country is rich in fast flowing water resources and waterfalls. The refreshing and fast flowing waterfalls are the hidden gems of our country formed among the deep gorges of the hills. It is the best outdoor activity to enjoy during the summer season. Canyoning is the outdoor sport in which the person jumps into the fast flowing mountain stream allowing them to be carried downstream at high speed. It is one of the extremely popular summer thrills in the alps of Nepal. Nepal is the country with the varieties of alps and waterfalls ranging from the smallest to the largest one. It is the adrenaline rushing activity as you go down waterfalls as high as 25 meters. There is no better way to enjoy the wild waterfalls of Nepal than by  abseiling down them.



The first attempt of this thrilling sport was believed to be taken in the French land by the man named Edouard Alfred Martel. He is known as the father of the Canyoning. Martel with the group of friends went to explore the plateau of Camprieu which was about 1300 m of the underground cavity. But the first ever successful canyoning was done in ;Gorges du Verdon’ in 1905 by the Martel. This canyon was one of the largest canyons in Europe which  is about 15 km in height.

This daring outdoor activity is mostly popular in our country as a large number of tourists visit every year to test their courage. Tourists can explore the hidden canyons of the Himalayas for the ultimate wet and wild fun. During this activity one can enjoy the beauty of Himalayan Mountain caves, waterfalls, fast flowing rivers, dense forest, rolling hills and canyons. The canyoning spots in Nepal are authorized by the Nepal Tourism Board. The best spot for canyoning in Nepal is Jalbire canyon located in Chitwan National Park which is about approximately 60 m tall ,Chaurandi Canyon located along the white sandy banks of the Trishuli River , Panglang canyon , Kanglang canyon and Bhukuthe canyon near to the Last Resort.


  • Flexible fitting clothes
  • Hiking boots for Canyoning
  • Sunglasses
  • Change of clothes
  • Sun block
  • Extra money 

We can enjoy this thrilling outdoor sport by booking the trip differently with commercial expeditions who have followed the policies and procedures under the current Nepal Tourism Act.


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