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Bungamati and Khokana

Anisha Rauniyar May 16, 2020

Bungamati and khokana is the Newari towns, complex of social combination are fair 10 Km on a southern belt from Kathmandu valley. Bungamati could be a arrive ignoring the Bagmati River is Newar town. This put is the origin of the divinity Machhindranath, who remains there for six months of the year . He spends rest of the time in Patan. The strategy of moving him back and forth is one the major yearly celebrations within the valley.

Other than that, a devotion to Ruler Ganesha, the Karyabinayak sanctuary is one of the foremost vital sanctuaries in Nepal. From that sanctuary, see of the environment looks exceptionally spectacular. The major territory of individuals is living as woodcarvers around that area. On the edges of Patan, around 8km absent south from Kathmandu, a excellent conventional Newari town is Khokana. Since antiquated time, this put itself exceptionally popular for the generation of mustard oil. The devotion to shekali Mai-a mother goddess, is develop of two levels. The sanctuary of Rudrayani and lakes carries comparative religious importance as well. There may be a little gallery which has been kept up by the nearby individuals. In which they have got ancient cultivating instruments, adornments etc.

Around the Khokhana

Bungamati and Khokhana

On this whole day trip youll regard the standard plan and wealthy culture that are reminiscent of the medieval time. You’ll see women, men, and kids sitting within the streets or in like way patios, weaving, going by, playing, and working beneath the sun. As you walk along the roads, youll find numerous marvelous wood carvers and specialists. They will be advertising you tall quality things at bargain costs. The more noteworthy portion of them work from domestic . They might indeed offer you distinctive articles accessible to be obtain also. The women contribute their additional vitality weaving, sewing, and hand sewing. Be that because it may, the town is most likely best for its woodcarvers, whose expertise in their field turns out to be expeditiously apparent.

How to get to Bungamati and Khokana

They are to the south of the capital city Kathmandu. Public vehicles run from both the old and new bus parks.



  • Highest Elevation: 1354m
  • Lowest Elevation: 1275m
  • Population: 5900


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