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Bol Bam

Subash Shrestha May 24, 2020

Bol Bam is one of the events that takes place every year in the month of Shrawan that lasts almost one month. Thousands of devotees go out visiting temples of Lord Shiva during the journey.

What devotees do during the journey?

Bol Bam

Every year many devotees gather at Sundarijal taking a bath in holy Bagmati river and move on to Pashupatinath Temple. Carrying water to pour by chanting ‘Bol Bam’. Like people carrying water to Pashupatinath gathering at Sundarijal, pilgrims in eastern Nepal visit Pandeshwar with water brought from Koshi river.

Not only pilgrims of the country but thousands of devotees from India visit Pashupatinath to pour the holy water from Ganga river. Similarly, pilgrims from Nepal visit Vaidyanath.

Bol Bam devotees walk barefoot wearing saffron robes and keep chanting ‘Bol Bam’ throughout their whole journey. And this is to present their devotion. Devotees take to fasting and focus on avoiding many things like lies, negativity, hatred and anger. Instead, they put on their full effort on maintaining positivity and remembering Lord Shiva.

Story behind Bol Bam:

Many believe that a great churning was in the ocean between the Devas and the Asuras. Where 14 rubies emerged, 13 of them were with the Devas and the remaining one ruby (14th) with the Asuras. The ruby known as Halahal was poisonous which was capable of destroying the whole world. But Lord Shiva consumed Halahal storing that caused his throat to turn blue. That’s why he is also called Neetkantha. After consuming, they was offered him holy water that helped to reduce the effects of poison. Hence, this is why the month of Shrawan is considered to be propitious to offer water to Lord Shiva.

Bol Bam belief:

By showing their devotion with pure soul, heart, positivity and truthfulness, Lord Shiva protects us and fulfills what we wish.

  • Event Place: Sundarijal and Pashupatinath


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