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Biswakarma Pooja

Anisha Rauniyar August 2, 2020

Biswakarma Pooja is a day of festivity for Biswakarma, a Hindu god, the celestial designer. Biswakarma is the child of Lord Brahma, the maker of the entire universe and it is accept that the Biswakarma is consider as Swayambhu, the maker of numerous astonishing weapons for the divine beings. He is the fashioner of all the flying chariots of the divine beings and goddesses. He is likewise called the perfect woodworker as reference in the Rig Veda and is credit with Sthapatya Veda, the study of mechanics and design.

It is commonly commend each year during the long stretch of September. The celebration is likewise celebrate in our neighboring nation India. The celebration is watch principally in plants and modern zones as a sign of adoration, the day of love is check by the designing and engineering network as well as by craftsman, skilled workers, mechanics, smiths, welders, modern laborers, assembly line laborers and others.

biswakarma pooja

They petition God for safe working conditions, accomplishment in their individual fields and for the smooth working of different machines. It is standard for skilled workers to adore their devices in his name, forgoing utilizing the devices at the same time. Unique sculptures and pictures of Vishwakarma are typically introduce in each work environment and production line. All laborers accumulate and play out the pooja.

Individuals love their vehicles alongside their hardware. Red and white garments and sacred strings are offer to hardware and vehicles. Pictures of Biswakarma are take out in parade in numerous pieces of Nepal after the pooja is finish. Individuals introduce image of ruler Biswakarma at the edges of go across streets and put sculptures and icons of him in corner of road.

  • Event Date: 16/09/2020
  • Event Place: Nepal Wide


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