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Bisankhunarayan Temple

Abhishek Subedi May 20, 2020

Bisankhunarayan Temple is the historical place and the shrine of the popular hindu god Bishnu which is located at the Godawari Municipality of Lalitpur district. It lies in the North-east of the Kathmandu valley about 12 km from the main road. It is at the top of the Bisankhu hill surrounded by the beautiful landscape and the mountain ranges. The temple is at the base of the big Banyan tree. There the main shrine is located between the narrow junction of the two stone. There is no paarticular temple made for the Lord Bishnu of this temple.  The scripture of this temple is a stone attached to the cave without any particular description of Lord Bishnu.

HISTORY of Bisankhunarayan Temple

According to the myths and purans the Lord Bishnu who was running away from the mankind. He hid between these two stones arising the now the shrine of this temple. He was fed up with the inhuman activities of the mankind so he hid himself from them. It is also to be believed that those humans who can pass from the narrow hole of the cave are known to be the good. And those who can’t pass through it are known to be the one who have committed sins in their previous life. 


Bishankhunarayan Temple

It is the holy and sacred place which has its own importance in the religious belief of the Hindu people. The shrine of the temple is itself the mystery and unique to the people. We can also immerse ourselves with the beauty and peace around the temple. The main festival celebrated in this temple is Haribodhan Ekadashi. In this day, the temple is crowded with the pilgrims from the Kathmandu valley, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. The Lord Bishnu of this shrine is known to be the one image among the four images of the Lord Bishnu(Ichangunarayan, Seshnarayan, Changunarayn, Bisankhunarayn) in Nepal. 

We can get in this beautiful pilgrimage site by public transportation from the Lalitpur bus park and we have to walk about 15 minutes from the Godamchaur.

  • Highest Elevation: 1546m


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