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Anisha Rauniyar August 3, 2020

Biratnagar is a metropolitan city is the fifth-biggest city and the capital city of Province No.1 in Nepal. It is situate in the Morang region of the eastern-most Terai district of Nepal lying around 400 km from the capital. Biratnagar is principally know for its Jute Mills – the main huge scope industry of Nepal and the celebrated Kali Mandir that holds high strict significance in the Hindu religion in the nation. The city name was give in the respect of the King Birat. In Nepali, ‘Birat’ signifies colossal and ‘Nagar’ signifies city. Be that as it may, in antiquate occasions, it is accept to be called Gograha Bazar.

Biratnagar is situate in the Gangetic fields where the land is prolific. Customarily, Biratnagar has been a horticultural center point. Be that as it may, it has picked up its name in business and industry too. Presently, it is fundamentally know as a mechanical focus. Be that as it may, the wide open around the city is take up for the most part by rice development. Biratnagar fills in as a significant travel point for products leaving and entering India through the close by fringe crossing. It fills in as a passage highlight a complex of magnificent goals of Eastern Nepal just as North-Eastern India. Biratnagar pulls in various travelers with its bright celebration, an exceptional blend of culture, delightful wildernesses and strict qualities.

Baraha Chhetra

Found just about 2 hours’ drive from Biratnagar, Baraha Chhetra is one of the best Hindu journey destinations in Nepal. It is situate at the intersection of Koka and Sapta Koshi streams. As indicated by Hindu legend, Lord Vishnu as his fourth symbol Lord Narsimhadeva came practical and obliterated Hiranyakashipu, a detestable evil spirit at this very spot. The wonderful condition and quiet are the significant feature of the spot. There is a scaffold associating the sanctuary with the mountains and from that connect, a magnificent perspective on stream intersection can be seen. All the 7 Koshi waterways consolidate and structure the holiest Sapta Koshi River. Kartik Purnima and Makar Sakranti are two significant celebrations individuals come to adore in this holy spot.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is the littlest of Terai’s National Park. Be that as it may, it is a birdwatcher’s heaven. The meadow living space is home to just about 500 types of flying creatures and is additionally the natural surroundings for imperil water bison species call the ‘Arna’. This spot was establish in 1976. It rests along the flood fields of the Sapta Koshi stream in the Terai belt of Saptari and Sunsari areas of eastern Nepal. It is around an hour and a half drive from the city, Biratnagar.

Koshi Barrage

Koshi Barrage on the Koshi waterway is two hours jumper from the city. The Koshi Barrage is a floodgate over the Koshi stream that conveys vehicular, bike, and passerby traffic among Saptari and Sunsari locale of Nepal. It was work somewhere in the range of 1958 and 1962 and has 56 entryways. Gangetic dolphins and numerous different fishes live in the waterway. Individuals for the most part visit there to have an assortment of fish dishes in the close by riverside eateries and see the beautiful view from the torrent. Siberian wing animals can be see there effectively during the period of August-October. The dawn and the nightfall see from the flood is stunning. The hypnotizing shading over the tremendous water gives immaculate reflection which is a sight to see. Paddling or a speedboat is accessible there for an additional experience that conveys individuals to the islets.


Biratnagar is the financial focus of Nepal. Nepal’s first enormous scope industry was set up in Biratnagar; Biratnagar Jute Mills in 1936. Today, the city has the absolute biggest mechanical endeavors in the nation. Biratnagar is drive by a startup culture. Several little and medium-sized ventures work uninhibitedly including synthetic, eatable oil, steel, alcohol, cleansers processing plants, among others, covering a huge part of the region that joins Biratnagar with Itahari, a focal travel purpose of eastern Nepal. It has prompted the joblessness pace of the city to be low.

Way of life

As per the evaluation of 2011, Biratnagar has a populace of 214,663. Among them, most of individuals are the brahmin and Kshatri people group. Maithili is speak by a huge extent of the populace. Nonetheless, Nepali is the official language. Biratnagar is arrange inside one of the most ethnically assort areas of Nepal, and the rustic hinterland is home to a various cross-segment of networks.

The Culture of Biratnagar is the mix of Indian and Nepalese societies. The vast majority practice Hinduism followed by Islam, Jainism, Kirat, and Christianity. Biratnagar is know for its cheerful, loaded with light celebration festivity. Dashain, Tihar, Krishna Janmashtami, Ramadan, Chhat, Eid are the absolute most commended celebrations in the city.


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