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Bindabasini Temple

Anisha Rauniyar May 18, 2020

Bindabasini Temple may be a well know goal in Nepal, fill with numerous intriguing sights for sightseers to examine. One of the foremost captivating Bindabasini Sanctuary, known locally as Bindhyabasini Mandir. Standing gladly on a slope, this striking sanctuary looks calmly over the bustling city of Pokhara. The white pagoda-styled building of the Hindu Bindabasini Sanctuary unobtrusively sits at a few 3000 feet over ocean level along the famous Annapurna and Machhpuchhare mountain ranges. It is near the active Ancient Bazaar of Pokhara, a center of commerce within the Himalayas.

bindabasini temple

Bindabasini sanctuary or Bindhyabasini Mandir is of incredible devout significance to Hindus living within the Pokhara region. It could be a crucial center of devout fervor. The sanctuary itself is devote to the Hindu goddess Durga, who is Pokhara’s gatekeeper god. Durga, too known as Shakti or Kali has various signs and at the Bindabasini sanctuary she is as Bhagwati, a blood-thirsty viewpoint of the goddess. Durga shows up within the shape of a Saligram. A Saligram, agreeing to Hindu mythology is an favorable stone.


It is that the sanctuary was made after the goddess request ruler Khadag Bottom Malla to set up a her statue here. The Bindabasini sanctuary was at that point established in BS 1845. Since its foundation, Bhagwati has been an question of revere here on a every day premise. Creature penances are regularly display at the sanctuary on Saturdays and Tuesdays. The Hindu celebration of Dashain sees huge numbers of devotees coming to offer penances at Binhyabasini Mandir.

Without a doubt, there’s small space for visitor amid the celebration of Dashain. The resplendent structure of Bindabasini Sanctuary is encompass by a park-like scene. Numerous come here to appreciate wonderful picnics while getting a charge out of the astonishing display. Fabulous sees can be ingest from this marvelous vantage point which looks out over the town of Pokhara and takes in a few of the noteworthy Himalayas. Including to the quiet air is the new fragrance of “Dhup”.

A visit to Bindabasini Sanctuary can be combine with a walk through the Ancient Bazaar. Adjacent is additionally the well known occasion recreation spot of Phewa Lake. Found at the foot of the slope on which Bindabasini Sanctuary stands is the roadway to Sarangkot, another prevalent post point.


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