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Bijeshwori Temple

Anisha Rauniyar August 1, 2020

Arranged on the west bank of Bishnumati River in Dhalko, Kathmandu is Bijeshwori Temple.It was build up in 1655 AD. The sanctuary additionally passes by the name Vidheshvari Vidhya Yogini. A Newar-Buddhist sanctuary, committed to the Vajrayana Buddhist divinity Vidhyadhari Vajrayogini in her structure as Akash Yogini. The name of the god ‘Vidhyadhari’ ordinarily implies the ‘Information Holder’ who is the managing goddess of this sanctuary.

bijeshwori temple

Vajrayogini’s sadhana started in Nepal between the tenth and twelfth hundreds of years. Every part of the goddess’ structure is intend to pass on an alternate otherworldly significance. Her energetic red shaded body represents the blasting fire of profound change. Just as life power, blood of birth and period. Her face speaks to that she has understood all wonders are of one genuine nature in void. The arms represent the acknowledgment of truth and her eyes, the capacity to see everything previously, present and future. Vajrayogini’s quintessence is of incredible enthusiasm an energy that is liberate from childishness and figment.

Bijeshwori Temple is view as holy to both Hindu and Buddhist adherents. It is a critical journey for Tibetan Buddhists since the sanctuary is associate to Buddhism. A portion of the Hindu educates likewise see the spot as a hallowed Shaktipeeth.

bijeshwori temple

In the sanctuary, the principle symbol portrays the picture of Vajrayogini in her structure as Akash Yogini flying through the sky. Her correct leg bow up at the knee behind her and her left leg is pull confronting her chests with her left arm. Holding a Vajra in the correct arm, the goddess holds a khatvanga staff which lays on her left side shoulder. The guests to the sanctuary are carefully denied to take any photos of the god.

The sanctuary supported significant devastation during the 2015 Earthquake. Starting at now, the recreation procedure is in progress. While the vast majority of the craftsman drive works having archeological and strict significance have been finished.


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