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Anisha Rauniyar July 2, 2020

The settlement of Bhraka or Braga (initially spelled and articulated as Braga) can be seen on a marginally raised land (at the base of flutings). This is normal for some towns in Manang in view of the war-ridden past; settlement would for the most part be deliberately found where it could be safeguarded well. Bhraka is additionally one of the three biggest towns of the Nyeshang district alongside Manang and Ngawal. The provincial nature and serenity of this town make this town completely dazzling and worth consistently you spend here. The individuals here will add to the appeal of the town itself. The occupants of Bhraka are for the most part Gurung merchants simply like those from Manang.


These dealers used to exchange valuable stones, decorations, and hardware as distant as Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. These days their range over the oceans is a lot farther than simply the encompassing nations. This enchanted town is less packed than the livelier town of Manang and henceforth can be a perfect option to Manang for the rest day. A rest day is taken by trekkers with the end goal of acclimatization yet the name itself may befuddle some amateur trekkers. A “rest day” isn’t exactly a rest day by any means. You don’t move further up the path and thus to higher heights yet it doesn’t mean you rest and remain latent throughout the day. You got the opportunity to remain dynamic to maintain a strategic distance from any chance of blood clusters. Additionally, it is ideal to restrict your day by day rising to 500 m between night stops over 3000 meters. A greater amount of this in our wellbeing area. Be that as it may, the fundamental is: Climb high, rest low.

A great deal of trekkers choose to take a rest day in Manang for clear reasons (better offices, shops and so on) yet Bhraka could well be an excellent option for a rest day if worse. An excellent option due to the lesser group, better odds of getting a room during top trekking seasons (March-May and Sept-December) and the way that the height contrast is a minor 20 m among Manang and Bhraka, it shouldn’t start up a discussion to choose which spot is better for acclimatization. It comes down to individual decision truly.

There is an old gompa in Bhraka which is viewed as significant in the area. The crown for the most seasoned gompa in this district, in any case, goes to Tahrep gompa of Khangsar. In any case, by the by, the gompa is completely dazzling and worth a visit. Truth be told, it is one of the most delightful gompas in all of Annapurna Circuit. Likewise, as referenced in Mugje, there are a few popular side outings you can do from Bhraka. The Milarepa cavern and Ice Lake side excursions are the most well known ones. Investigate the side excursions segment to discover progressively about these spots. As you move further up the path these side excursions will take that any longer to reach. So choose ahead of time from where you need to begin these side excursions. The more celebrated and utilized beginning stages are obviously Bhraka and Manang; not many take these side outings from Mugje. Also, a note to all the foodies: there are quite acceptable pastry shops in Bhraka that serve new and scrumptious baked goods. So don’t stop for a second to attempt a few.


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