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Anisha Rauniyar May 31, 2020

Bhojpur is a town arrange in Eastern Nepal. Bhojpur is home basically to the Newar ethnic gathering that is famous for their superb craftmanship. It is consider as the home office of the Bhojpur area and is portrayed as sloping and precipitous. Neigboring towns have air terminals interfacing with Kathmandu making it effectively available for sightseers who wish to go here.

Bhojpur, being an uneven territory, is a most loved for individuals who like to climb. The green, lavish slopes and the cool wind cause it to appear to be a heaven for nature sweethearts. Bhojpur gloats of making flawless metal specialties like the celebrated khukuri blades. The conventional homes of the Newar individuals likewise show the gifts and aptitudes that they are popular for.

Bhojpur isn’t right now appropriate for engine vehicles and to get starting with one spot then onto the next, one needs to walk. Bhojpur is a phase of social decent variety, which is obvious by the artworks, the homes and methods of living of its occupants.

This town additionally has a puzzling and tranquil feel because of the tenderly slanting slopes that appear to isolate one from the remainder of the world. The atmosphere of Bhojpur is colder than Kathmandu, and the best time to visit is among October and April where the skies are clear. Winter here can be freezing when contrasted with other significant urban communities in Nepal.

Bhojpur is a town with a great deal of history and a rich culture. It is a perfect spot to rest and unwind and get away from the rushing about of city life.

A tributary of Saptakoshi waterway, Arun, streams down in the eastern outskirt of Bhojpur, and Sunkoshi waterway in the southern fringe, though there are different other principle waterways and streams, for example, Pikhuwa, Irkhuwa, Chirkhuwa, Chhintalung, Buwa, Juke, Siktel, Kawa, Newasukhe, Ghatte, Balkhu, Hangrayo, Khakuwa, Behere and Sisuwa stream inside the region.

Salpa Pokhari is the biggest lake in the area, situated at Dobhane VDC of northern Bhojpur, though Panchakanya, Hanshapokhari, Chyangre Pokhari are significant lakes here. Moreover, the cascade of Chirkhuwa River is the biggest cascade of the locale.


The travel industry attractions of the area are Siddhakali Temple, Taksar Bazaar, Temke slope, Selme and Suntale slopes, Dingla township, Mayum (Maiyun) slope, Silichang, Hatuwagadhi (stronghold) and Salpa Pokhari and so forth. The karuwa (ramble) water container and Khukuri (popular Gurkha blade) made here have earned national as well as worldwide distinction.

Temke Danda of Bhojpur

Temke is a standout amongst other spot to visit in Bhojpur area. It is encircled by thick wilderness and rough mountain . It lies in the North side from Bhojpur head quarter, Temke is arranged between fringe of Khotang and Bhojpur area. Its stature is 3032m from the ocean level. It is a spot with its normal excellence. Its magnificence ness tempt everybody whoever comes to there. This spot gives us a sentiment of a paradise. We can see blooming rhododendron, Sunakhari, Chimal, Ghede-Chap, Chap (kinds of blossom) all over Temke wilderness. We can see wonderful all encompassing perspective on Himalayan range, Tarai and sun rising scene. The most essential and significant herbs can be found in its outskirts.

Temke Danda

Around four hours of movement by transport from head quarter, our course is along Dawa, Timma Rimchim, Chinamakhu, Annapurna and Nagi 4 Kattike, Chakhewa is arranged in the lap of Temke. Dhap Dada is outstanding amongst other top in Chakhewa. We can appreciate by resting on the knoll of lush land over yonder. There are inns in Chakhewa to remain, roughly 3 to 4 hours constant stroll from Chakhewa to Temke we can reach to the goal. We can appreciate the wonderful situation of the wilderness, water sound, creatures, winged creatures, blossoms, Himalayan range, thick Malingo (kinds of bamboo) and so forth. It truly allure the guests in the movement of straight up route by landscape of lophophorus (Monal) and peacock, guests never feel the exhaustion of the excursion up and down the time of strolling. At the point when we arrive at the Temke’s top in the first part of the day, we can see the perspective on mountain and Himalayan range and sun ascending from this pinnacle. In the top, there are two sanctuaries one is Shiv and another is Maheshwor. We can see Maheshwor sanctuary inside the rough mountain. It is exceptionally excited by its rough incline and fast of wind. In the highest point of this top, there is a lake. There is a conviction quite a while back in the lake’s edge “there was salt around the lake and when the shepherd visited he tasted the salt 3D shape in the mean time the salt found around the lake disappeared.” We can appreciate the perspective on slopes, mountains, Terai district and Himalayan range from the pinnacle.

A small temple at Temke

In this Temke, fair Mela has been begun two times every year, once in Mangsir Purnima and another in Chaitra Purnima. Numerous individuals accumulate there for offering something to God for their better lives ahead just as to make life charming and meet their family members. From far separation, individuals assemble and show their mystical intensity of Dhami Nakchhum (witch specialist). The otherworldly force and move of Dhami truly centers the individuals’ brain toward them.

Subsequently, come and visit the Temke, make your outing essential and life-changing.

  • Highest Elevation: 4153m
  • Lowest Elevation: 153m
  • Population: 182,459


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