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Bhakka: Tharu (Eastern) Dish

Anisha Rauniyar May 13, 2020

One day, While I was waiting for bus. I saw lots of people gathering in a small stall. It was stall of bhakka. Bhakka is kind of ethinic food in jhapa that is make by group of people called rajbansi.

Bhakka is a famous dish that is make out of fresh rice flour. It is usually eat in cold winters to keep the body warm. It taste really well when serve hot and fresh. But, the ethnic taste of jhapa and morang entered the Kathmandu . It has attracted lots of people. Surely it turned to be a hot selling business.

It is the indigenous taste of Rajbanshsis . They experiment with rice a lot. As they have recited in terai . Terai is welly know as green basket of nepal. These dishes were make from rice. People there would serve vhakka as early morning breakfast. It is mostly eat with tea. Later people started to sell as a breakfast item.

M&S Vmag-Bhakka from Jhapa - Ethnic Rajbanshi Food A Complete ...
Photo source: M&S Vmag

The dish then commenced to gain recognition and rapidly spread round eastern Terai. Rice is something that is effortlessly handy round the region, which is why this dish rapidly spread. The quickness that Rajbanshi mentions is reflect on the crowds that accumulate round bhakka stalls of Kathmandu these days.

Along with commercialization, It has brought ciltural , ethinic taste in diversity . People are more known to the different taste around the Nepal.Bhakka House is a restaurant committed to serving Bhakka.Bhakka House, positioned in Purano Baneshwar of Kathmandu, has been open for 9 months now.Rajbanshi feels that a delicacies normal to the Rajbanshi neighborhood dwelling in eastern Nepal has misplaced its charms over the years due to the trade in people’s taste and preference.

Nevertheless, Rajbanshi is happy that different people, which include these living in urban Kathmandu, have cherished the dish of his ethnic group. Such interactions would assist human beings improve cultural and emotional bonds.


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