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Bhairahawa – Place to visit

Anisha Rauniyar June 30, 2020

Bhairahawa is a passage to one of Nepal’s most valued legacy destinations, Lumbini, and the Nepal-India fringe from Belahiya. Guests regularly end up at last details about exactly what to do in this city or its region while the city anticipates the finish of Gautam Buddha International Airport. The air interface is relied upon to see a mushrooming of energizing spots obliging travelers. The development of frameworks that are going full speed ahead right now is likewise expected to get more vacationers and with them a guarantee of the travel industry exercises bringing the city alive. In any case, even now, Bhairahawa has enough exercises and reroutes that could make for a decent outing. Here we show a portion of the exercises and reroutes that you can take part in and visit while you’re in this city.

Visit Belahiya – Sonauli fringe

For Bhairahawa local people, the Belahiya-Sonauli fringe resembles a stroll in the recreation center. Be that as it may, for sightseers, this can be an improving encounter. As a Nepali resident, going to India is straightforward—go to the closest outskirt and stroll to the opposite side. For global visitors, an Indian visa should get the job done on the off chance that you are hoping to visit India through Nepal by means of land. Sonauli is a little packed bazaar including nearby shops of various types. In case you’re searching for ethnic ladies’ wear at a sensible cost, Sonauli is the spot for you. The general style can be overpowering however Sonauli gives a brilliant look at the neighborhood way of life of the individuals of the two India and Nepal living in the outskirt zone.

Nepal India Border

Fulbari in Butwal

In spite of the fact that it might bode well to visit the recreation center while in Butwal, a forty-five minutes transport ride from Bhairahawa will get you to the recreation center. Fulbari—otherwise called Manimukunda Sen park—includes the remaining parts of the Palpali ruler Manimukunda’s winter royal residence. Subsequent to visiting Lumbini and seeing the recorded remnants of stupas close to Mayadevi sanctuary, Fulbari can be another energizing experience for a history fan. The remainder of the zone has been moved toward a recreation center. From here, you can advance toward the Ostrich Farm in Gangoliya before returning to Bhairahawa.

Ostrich Farm in Gangoliya

The ranch is situated in Gangoliya, a snappy 30-minute drive from Bhairahawa city. As the name infers, the homestead has a great many ostriches and emus in 8.81 sections of land in the Tilottama Municipality. Section to the ranch costs Rs 100 with a rebate of Rs 50 for understudies. The ranch entryways are open from 7 am to 6 pm for guests wishing to get a brief look at the tall winged creatures. There is an eatery close to the homestead serving ostrich momo, sekuwa, choila and khana set on the off chance that you might want to treat your tastebuds.

bhairahawa ostrich farm


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