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Anisha Rauniyar June 11, 2020

Bhadrakali Temple is loacated near to the martyrs gate in Kathmandu. As per old works in the Vayu Purana and Mahabharata, Bhadrakali appeared by Devi’s rage, when Daksha offended Shiva during the incomparable Ashvamedha Yagna (Horse Sacrifice). As per Tantra Rahasya, she emerged from the north (Uttaramnaya) face (Amnayas) of Shiva, which is blue in shading and with three eyes.

It is accepted that Bhadrakali was a neighborhood god that was absorbed into standard Hinduism, especially into Shaiva folklore. In some cases she accept an awful angle, and is spoken to with three eyes and four, 12 or 18 hands. She conveys various weapons, with blazes spilling out of her head and a little tusk distending from her mouth.

Bhadrakali sanctuaries are discovered both in India and in Nepal. In India they are situated at Hanamakonda (Warangal) in Andra Pradesh, at Bhadran in Gujarat and at Kurushetra in Haryana state. Nepal’s Bhadrakali sanctuary is situated at the eastern edge of the Tundikhel, close Shahid Gate. This sanctuary is otherwise called Lumarhi Temple and is one of the fundamental Bhagavati sanctuaries of Kathmandu city. Bhadrakali otherwise called the ‘Delicate Kali’, a favorable type of the goddess Kali.

Bhadrakali is additionally referred to by the Newari individuals as Lumarhi Devi, from lumdi in Newari, signifying ‘brilliant bread’. As indicated by folklore, in old days a rancher used to furrow some close by land and had his food (bread) put as an afterthought. Since the food transformed into gold so the sanctuary is known as Lumdi/Lumarhi Devi’s sanctuary.


As indicated by one neighborhood fantasy, in the seventh century a tantric specialist named Saswat Bajra went to Kamaru Kamachya, in India, and revered Shri Bhadrakali. He made the goddess cheerful and took her back to Nepal in a heavenly water pot (a kalash). He hung the kalash on a tree at Jamal, on the north side of Rani Pokhari, and went to get a few things done. Be that as it may, Kalika appeared as a little young lady and left. A rancher met her on his way to the field. He scrutinized her, yet as opposed to noting she nodded off at a similar spot. So the rancher went his direction. At the point when he returned, he was unable to discover her, yet observed the manifestation of Kalika. At that point, Saswat Bajra tagged along and furthermore observed the goddess. From that point forward, the spot was set up as the sanctuary to Bhadrakali.

Many allude to Bhadrakali as Baisnavi Devi. Set in an open spot, the north divider has sculptures of a lioness, Kumar, and Ganesha. The west side has Bahari and Byaghrini, and on the south are the sculptures of Bhairav, Bishnu and Kumari. After arriving at the sanctuary premises, there is a sanctum committed to Lord Ganesha, which lovers hover before offering their appreciation to the Devi.

The other name of Bhadrakali is Lazzapith. Ruler Ratna Malla began the Astamatrika along with Bhadrakali Dance which happens here at regular intervals. On April 10 every year there is Bhairab Bhadrakali Jatra (celebration). In like manner, during Ghode Jatra (the ‘Pony Festival’, the pony dashing day on the close by Tundikhel), which falls in the period of March, and during Dasain every October, lovers swarm into the sanctuary. It is said that in the days of yore the Kings of Kathmandu used to go to love at the Bhadrakali sanctuary in a cultured procession following Kumari, the Living Goddess.


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