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Best Time To Visit EBC

Anisha Rauniyar July 24, 2020

The best an ideal opportunity to visit Everest Base Camp relies upon the exercises. You would like to do while there. For trekking, you ought to go in spring (March-May) or fall (October-November). While a helicopter visit can be taken whenever the climate is acceptable outside of rainstorm season. Winter shouldn’t be off the table, either; insofar as you’re set up for cold temperatures, you’ll be bless to receive perfectly clear mountain sees. Beneath, you’ll locate some significant focuses to consider when contemplating when to visit EBC.


Climate and Accessibility

EBC is at a high elevation (17,600 feet/5380 meters), and the overland course to arrive is likewise high. This implies it’s never truly ‘warm’ in the Everest district. However there are as yet emotional contrasts in temperature, precipitation, and snowfall consistently.

Spring and Autumn

The most famous months for trekking in the Everest district are March, April, May, October and November. As these months are the point at which the conditions are at their best. The spring and the pre-winter will in general offer sensible temperatures, clear skies, practically zero downpour, and less possibility of dangerous snowfall. These months are likewise when the path are busiest, yet in case you’re looking for the best climate conditions. That is a compromise you might be set up to make.


The winter (December, January, and February) isn’t really a ‘terrible’ opportunity to trek to EBC. However it’s positively the slow time of year. Temperatures can get very cold, so you’d should be decidedly ready for freezing conditions. Yet, the skies will in general be clear in winter, which means fantastic mountain sees. Also, you won’t jar for space with different trekkers in transit.


The storm season (June to early September) isn’t a perfect opportunity to make a trip to EBC. Beside the wet climate—which can prompt avalanches on trails and sloppy conditions—rainclouds can darken the mountain sees. Be that as it may, temperatures are likewise hotter right now, and it once in a while rains throughout the day consistently. In case you’re solid and steady for the downpour and wouldn’t fret getting somewhat wet en route. However, trekking in the rainstorm can be fine in light of the fact .tThat the higher you go in elevation, the less downpour there will in general be.

On the off chance that trekking isn’t on your plan. However a helicopter visit to EBC is, these are likewise best when the climate is clear and unsurprising. That is, whenever however during the storm.

The climate won’t just impact your involvement with the Everest locale. It likewise can possibly influence departures from Kathmandu to Lukla. Flying is the most mainstream method of getting to Lukla. Yet flights are as often as possible drop when the climate and permeability . It is poor in Kathmandu, Lukla, or in transit. Trips outside of the rainstorm season are bound to run as planned, yet downpour, haze, or exhaust cloud can impact trips whenever of year. Peruse progressively about this trip in the accompanying article: How to Get from Kathmandu to Lukla.

High Season Crowds and Alternate Routes

Spring and harvest time are the pinnacle seasons in Nepal. As the EBC trek is Nepal’s generally well know, trails can become busy at these occasions. There’s zero chance you’ll have the principle trails to yourself, and you may likewise battle to get your first pick of convenience. Trekking with a guide is consistently a smart thought. However significantly more so in the pinnacle season as they will have the option to make sure about beds for you that may be troublesome in the event that you were voyaging autonomously. Moreover, the Everest ascending season runs from May to early June, so regardless of whether you have no goal of ascending the mountain yourself, the region will be occupied with endeavors in these months.

Trips to Lukla additionally sell out very far ahead of time during top season, so book these as right on time as could be expected under the circumstances.

In the winter and storm, you won’t experience similar groups. However, while you may not battle to get a bed in a decent teahouse as you would in top season, a great deal of spots close in the slow times of year.

ebc lukla
Lukla Airport

The great EBC trail is the most famous. However there are additionally numerous different treks in the district that don’t see a similar volume of guests, even in the pinnacle season. A portion of these go to EBC through an alternate course, while others sidestep it yet at the same time give trekkers a brilliant look into the scenes, nature, and culture of the Everest area. See the following segment for additional subtleties.

As of now referenced, the great EBC trek is best done in spring or fall for the best climate conditions, however these months bring the issue of congestion. To maintain a strategic distance from this, look at one of these elective excursions in the Everest locale.

The trekking trail from Jiri to Lukla is an option in contrast to traveling to Lukla from Kathmandu, and permits you to appreciate some peaceful path before joining the occupied ness of the Khumbu Valley. It’s known as the “Pioneers’ Route” since it was the path that early Western mountain dwellers took to get to the Everest district before the air terminal was worked at Lukla. Jiri is a day’s drive from Kathmandu. Additionally, fly from Kathmandu to Phaplu and trek through the Solukhumbu area from that point. These treks take 4-7 days, and are best done in the pinnacle seasons, just as winter.

The Gokyo Lakes Trek is one of the more mainstream options to EBC, however it despite everything doesn’t see a similar number of guests. The Gokyo Lakes are the most noteworthy freshwater lake framework on the planet. This trek takes you to the highest point of Gokyo Ri, which is around a similar height as EBC, and has terrific perspectives on Everest and companions. Another advantage is that less evenings are spent at high height than on the EBC trek. This trek is best done in the pinnacle seasons, when the conditions are ideal.

The Three Passes Trek is one of the most testing teahouse treks in Nepal, however is a decent alternative for experienced trekkers who need to maintain a strategic distance from EBC’s groups while as yet getting a charge out of a portion of the region’s features. It’s a circuit as opposed to an in-and-out trek, so consistently brings something new. Besides, as the name recommends, you’ll have the test of intersection three high passes. This trek isn’t fitting in winter, as the passes are probably going to be snow-bound.

The Arun Valley and Everest Base Camp Trek moves toward the area from an alternate heading. It crosses the Arun Valley, which is between the Sagarmatha and Makalu-Barun National Parks. It follows a portion of the great EBC course, however separates enough to keep things fascinating. Indeed, even in the pinnacle seasons this path will be for all intents and purposes void until you arrive at the EBC trail.

In the case of going in winter, consider getting yourself an extravagance visit—there are some dazzling extravagance lodges in the Everest locale on a standard with agreeable boutique facilities in Kathmandu. While this sort of outing is extraordinary whenever of year, it’s significantly more so in winter, when you’ll particularly appreciate the solace of a warm, comfortable cabin toward the finish of a day of strolling. Look at this Luxury Everest Heli Trek schedule.

Experienced hikers who would prefer not to handle Everest yet are still up for a test ought to consider climbing Island Peak, a ‘trekking top’. The best an ideal opportunity to endeavor this is in the pinnacle trekking seasons—spring and fall—as Island Peak isn’t close to as high (or as hazardous) as Everest, so has a more drawn out climbing window. The trek there follows a significant part of a similar course as the standard EBC trek, and gets you to Kala Patthar, from where there are perspectives on EBC.


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