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Abhishek Subedi May 31, 2020

Basantapur is a rural development region in the Himalayas. This village has a population of about 4015 people. It is in the remote area of the Tehrathum with the stunning view of the Himalayas, hills and ponds.  It lies on the trekking route to Taplejung and further on to the Kanchenjunga region.  The village is famous for its natural beauty , diverse culture , beautiful landscapes and cool climate. This is the long and high forest ridge that divides the Arun and Tamor valleys in the eastern Nepal.


It is the heaven on earth for nature admirers, photographers, hikers and trekkers. There are huge forests of the red blooms of the rhododendrons along the ridge. The forest is home to the different species of rhododendrons, the national flower of Nepal. It is the best trekking route for the people and takes about 7-14 days from Kathmandu. The various ethnicities of people live here but the majority are of Magar ethnicity.

Location of the Basantapur

Basantapur is located in the forest ridge that divides the Arun and Tamor valley. It lies on the altitude of 2200 metre above sea level. This village is located in the Himalayas of Tehrathum district in Province no 1 of the eastern Nepal. It is located in the most remote part of the country where hills and mountains showcase their true beauty and nature. This forest ridge offers the majestic view of Mt Makalu to the west and Mt Kanchenjunga to the west. It is also the region of verdant pastures, stunning mountain views, scintillating sunrises and sunsets and friendly Limbu people. This village is a perfect destination away from the noise and stress of city life. It offers the perfect getaway from hectic and stressful lifestyle. The village promises you to make your stay a memorable one with the nature healing and harmonious environment.

Economy of the Basantapur

The economy of the village depends upon the agriculture and the vegetation cultivation. The people here take their grown and fresh vegetables to the nearby market to earn money from it. They also earn living expenses from the foreign employment as many of the youngsters have gone to the Arabian countries to earn money for their family. 

Main attractions of The Basantapur

Basantapur offers the diverse landscapes from terraced hillsides to the vast plains of the Terai plains which are covered in rich green vegetation, a refreshing change from the concrete jungle of the city. It offers the best trekking route with different beautiful attractions to Taplejung, Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Manasalu. Basantapur bazaar is surrounded by greenery and people can enjoy the mountain views before embarking on the long trek in Eastern Nepal.

1. Tin Jure

This is the hill which is only about a half hour walk from the Basantapur Bazaar. It offers the spectacular sunrise and sunset views and can admire the Makalu massif among other Himalayan peaks. This hill is famous for the thirty four varieties of rhododendrons which makes it the place with the most species of rhododendron in Nepal. That’s why this trail is also known as Rhododendron trail spreads across Taplejung, Tehrathum and Sankhuwasabha districts. 


This beautiful hill is the paradise on the earth surface and also the famous place for the botanist who wants to study the species of flowers. The best time to visit here is during spring season so one can enjoy the beautiful scenarios of the blooms of the rhododendron. There is also the settlement of the recent migrants from the northern Olangchung region, the trans-Himalayan yak herders who live for months on tsampa(roasted barley flour), dried yak meat and cheese.

2. Gupha Pokhari

Gupha Pokhari is the natural pond situated at the height of 2890 metres above the sea level . It is situated between the Basantapur and Gufa rural development region of the Sankhuwasabha.  This pond is the holy pilgrimage site for both Hindu and Buddhists devotees.  Gupha Pokhari is the new name given in the 20th century by the priests who were believed to be meditating here. Previously, it was called ”Siddha Marga” pokhari. Locals believe that this pond grants your wishes, similar to Manakamana temple in Gorkha. It is one of the most popular destinations in the Tinjure Milke Jaljale trail.

3. Milke Danda

Milke Danda is another ridge famous for its rhododendron forest. It provides the clear, closer and panoramic views of the Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Kumbhakarna .  This ridge lies on the trekking route between the Basantapur Bazaar and Taplejung.  Hikers can enjoy the amazing sunrise and sunset views when the weather is clear and just right.

4. Pattek Dada

Pattek Dada is located about 3 km from the Basantapur Bazaar. Visitors can reach via Chitre after a 15 minutes’ drive and about half an hour of hike to the place. This place is ideal for short treks and also the good location for picnics. There is also the popular temple of Goddess Kali which is about a 2 hour walk from the Basantapur Bazaar. The Pattek dada is about 2500 metre above from the sea level and is equally famous for the spectacular views of sunrise and sunset  and panoramic views of the Himalayas from Mt. Everest to Mt. Kanchenjunga.

5. Marg Pokhari

This pond is at an altitude of about 2600 metre from sea level. It is another natural pond on the laps of the hill. This pond holds religious significance and is on the trekking route from the Basantapur to Taplejung. The watershed area has a dense forest where popular species of rhododendron and other precious plants thrive. It is about 5 km from the Basantapur Bazaar. The pond has ensured that the surroundings remain perpetually green. Picturesque views of mountains along with the remarkable sunrise and sunset can be enjoyed from here.

6. Pachakanya Pokhari

Panchakanya Pokhari is another popular tourist destination of the place. It is about 2 hours walk from the Basantapur bazaar. Among many pounds of this region, this pond is the largest one in terms of area. 

Best time to visit here

The weather here is cool and temperate most of the year, making Basantapur an ideal place to visit anytime of the year. But the best time to visit here is spring and autumn, in February – April or between October- December. Summers are pleasant with the clear sky while winters are cold with the foggy sky.

How to get there

We can get in this beautiful and amazing place through the airlines from Kathmandu Airport to Kumlingtar Airport and take a 5 hour bus ride from there . Or we can directly get a bus ride from Kathmandu to Basantapur Bazaar.


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