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Banglamukhi Temple – Lalitpur

Anisha Rauniyar June 13, 2020

One of the well known sanctuaries of Devi in Kathmandu, the sanctuary of Banglamukhi is arranged in Patan (Lalitpur). There are different other little sanctuaries inside the Banglamukhi sanctuary premises and this sanctuary is uniquely packed on Thursdays as it is considered as the day of Bhagwati.

Sort History about this temple

As per the legend, a devil named Bagala had tormented and undermined the lives of the individuals. The individuals venerated and implored the goddess Baglamukhi who, satisfied by their petitions, acted the hero and slaughtered the evil spirit. Subsequently, the individuals constructed the sanctuary as a tribute to the goddess and used to call it Bagala. Afterward, the name of the sanctuary was changed to Baglamukhi. The sanctuary is managed by the planet Jupiter and Thursday is considered as the exceptional day for venerating at the sanctuary.


It is additionally said that revering here quiets the tattle of the individuals (foe). She is likewise considered as Bhairavi, a sort of Matrika Devi, the mother of all discourse as she stops the underhanded tattles that comes out of each discourse.

The aficionados frequently consume three Agarbatti (incense sticks) or ghee Pala Batti (spread lights) that they can purchase outside and around the sanctuary’s principle entrance door. Yellow shading or purple shading garments and blossoms are offered to satisfy the goddess as those two are viewed as her preferred shading. A few people likewise wear these shading garments while they perform puja in the sanctuary.

banglamukhi temple area

In spite of the fact that the primary sanctuary of the goddess is little, the sanctuary premises is wide and open and it houses different little sanctuaries of different divine beings and goddesses like Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh, goddess Manakamana, and so on. A major sanctuary of Lord Shiva is arranged before the Baglamukhi sanctuary. Additionally, there is one lake each, inside and outside of the sanctuary the two of which has stone taps.

It is one of the most famous Hindu sanctuaries in Patan where greatest lovers visit each Thursday for the achievement of their own just as expert lives.


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