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Bajrayogini Jatra

Anisha Rauniyar May 28, 2020

Every year the Bajrayogini Jatra is commended in Sankhu, Kathmandu, Nepal. This Jatra is commended as long as 8 days. This is one of the major Jatra among other jatra which is commended every year inside Kathmandu Valley. During the time of this jatra, we can see heaps of individuals and the ownership of celebration.

Sankhu is a little town which is arranged in the east north side of Kathmandu and the populace is additionally extremely less in contrast with large urban areas like Kathmandu. This jatra is extremely popular among Newar People group so from various territory individuals assemble to watch this celebration.

This Bajrayogini sanctuary is at the highest point of the slope, cutting down the sculpture of Bajrayogini Goddesses in the overwhelming chariot is truly energizing to see. While watching this jatra individuals get an excessive amount of energy and glad. Individuals originated from various region because of which the fellowship relationship increments.


While praising this jatra, numerous individuals were welcomed like companions and family members because of which there will be the advancement of this Bajrayogini Jatra just as the area of Sankhu. This spot is likewise popular for Sali Nadi (The Sacred Waterway which is referenced in the Blessed book of Hindu called Swasthani).

My Experience

This year I was fortunate enough to see the Bajrayogini Jatra (celebration) at Sankhu, Kathmandu. This is one of the major Jatra that we can see inside Kathmandu valley. I didn’t consider a lot to be as we see in jatra of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur or Lalitpur. May be since Sankhu is a little town/city east north of Kathmandu and the populace is extremely less. Numerous individuals don’t know about this jatra, there were extremely less guests to watch this jatra.

You will get distinctive kind of fervor while watching this jatra. Since the Bajrayogini sanctuary is at the highest point of the slope, cutting the god’s sculpture down the precarious slope on the substantial chariot is truly energizing. I think area from Sankhu should welcome individuals, companions, and family members from better places to see this jatra with the goal that individuals will think about it, see the fervor of this jatra and find out about this antiquated city Sankhu.

Barely any months back I did a climbing with a portion of my companion from Sankhu to Nagarkot, This spot is additionally well known for Sali Nadi (sacred stream which is referenced in one of the heavenly books of the Hindu, Swasthani).

This spot has numerous thing to offer for inside, Indian (for sacred explanation and outer the travel industry). I read some place about this spot around fifteenth or sixteenth century some Italian cleric visited this spot and contrast it and their Italian city saying it’s wonderful .

Bajrayogini Jatra Temple

Bajrayogini Sanctuary is a well known Tantrik sanctuary of Kathmandu valley. It is likewise notable as Bodhisattva(enlightement who is satisfying the flawlessness to accomplish Buddhahood’s) sanctuary. A popular sanctuary of Nepal of Bajrayogini arranged in Sankhu, Kathmandu should have the best intensity of gifts. The showed history clarifies that the lord ManaDev once intervened at Weapon Bihar zone.

Bajrayogini Temple

Subsequent to survey the fourth century developed water tap and imaginatively enriched sculpture in the zone, it is affirm that the Bajrayogini is an old strict spot of the Kathmandu Valley, the capital of Nepal. It was revamped during the time of PratapMalla, a popular lord of Malla system in Nepal.

A strict book written in Newari Content about the sequential advancement of Bajrayogini is kept in the library of Denmark.

The Bajrayogini is 20 km North-east from the Kathmandu downtown and 2.5 km North from Sankhu, a close by town. It was renowned since Kirat system and named as Firearm Bihar. Truly in Newari language Firearm implies Timberlands and Bihar implies recreational spot. Presently it is called Gunbaha.

The sanctuary of the goddess Bajrayogini is of three stunned. Close to the sanctuary DharmaghatuChaitya is found, which is likewise accepted more seasoned than the SwoyambhuChaitya, as indicated by Shidhiwar.

Bajrayogini is a goddess of embarrassed having three eyes, thumb and the center finger of the privilege and left hands have designed at real state Bajrayantantra with a blade and amethyst work nearly in full beautification with trimmings named Shree ShreeShreePrachandaUgratara; separately.

Around the territory, there are nine surrenders that allude to the stone age. In one of the caverns, there are two rooms. The minister, the vigorous admirer of the goddess goes into the cavern for retribution.

The Bajrayogini Reasonable proceeds from ChaitePurnima, Full Moon day that lies in Spring or April of the Gregorian schedule.

A fascinating tale about the start of Bajrayogini goddess written in the sacred book should have realized into memory 200 years prior. As indicated by the book, at the beginning of the Snow age and Bhadrakalpo’s age from the fork of the stone where the sanctuary is presently, a five-shaded fire came out and after quite a while, there a volcanic goddess. The main minister Gyanacharya Yogi who did atonement in the cavern, ShidikulMahabihar and was given BajracharyaDikshya (Super Information) naming BachashidiBajracharya with his arrangement. The current cleric are produced from the ancestopr, BachashidiBajracharya.

After learning the legacy, the goddess provided request to Run DevBajracharya to set up Shankharapur (conch-shell formed town) close to the sanctuary region to run the Reasonable in 1801 KaligatSambat. It is currently called Sankhu.

It is likewise important to bring the recorded, social amazing significance into the record on the planet legacy list. Presently Shree Bajrayogini Administration Council is dealing with the territory with the assistance of Nepal government’s Branch of Paleohistory, Trust Establishments and the open areas. Administrator and Treasurer of the board of trustees Mr. Govind Prasad Shrestha and Mr. Bishnu Prasad Shrestha; individually are resolved to build up the region.

As of late, Region Soil Preservation Office of Kathmandu, Bagmati Coordinated Watershed The board Task, Division of Soil Protection and Watershed The executives is attempting to moderate the zone with the treatment of avalanches and gorges.

The territory is chosen for the spot of 29th Soil Protection Day festivity. Branch of Soil Protection and Watershed The board every year sort out Soil Preservation day on 24 Shrawan to stamp its foundation.


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