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Bajra Barahi

Anisha Rauniyar June 29, 2020

This is the sanctuary of the pig headed Goddess on a human body who is ordinarily known as Barahi. Bajra represents a legendary blade of lightning and thunder. She is additionally viewed as a Matrika, a name given a gathering of seven or at times eight Mother Goddesses. She is viewed as the exemplification of ladylike forces of all male and female Gods of Hinduism. She is revered by Buddhists too, and the name Bajra Barahi completely is utilized for the most part by Buddhists.

Like such a significant number of antiquated sanctuaries, the majority of their chronicled information are better recorded in family lineages of a minister or compelling groups of the day. A considerable lot of such engravings are lost in time, fundamentally because of carelessness and once in a while plunder or vandalism. No such engraving exists today that recorded point by point data on the sanctuary. From genealogical records, it very well may be affirmed that the sanctuary development was started in the year 786 Nepal Sambat (1666 A.D.). The day was a Monday in the period of Chaitra.

bajra barahi

It is referenced that King Shree Niwas Malla from Patan manufactured the sanctuary. The area of the sanctuary had a little lake from where Goddess Bajra Barahi first showed up and after some time the lake evaporated, according to people stories.

Chapagaon and Bajra Barahi Temple

Verifiable records tell that a town was set up in the year 500 Nepal Sambat (1380 A.D.). A harmed stone engraving and another from a little sanctuary of Lord Krishna affirm the reality. An infant sovereign from Bhaktapur authoritatively acquired the town that was a developing exchanging post North-South exchanging course interfacing India with Tibet, a little part of the notorious Silk Route. The youthful sovereign was conceived in an incredibly foreboding event and henceforth was considered to oust, as ordinarily happened to numerous such recently conceived. Late Crown Prince Dipendra who obviously killed his entire family including the King and Queen, was said to have been conceived in a comparative ominous event. Such practices were genuinely normal in numerous moderate pieces of Nepal even three decades prior. Typically, such youngster were given to voyaging sages even before fathers get the opportunity to see their newborn child’s face.

Since King Raj Dev Malla was taboo to ever observe his again; he authoritatively gave over the town to the child and dispatched an entire arrangement of blue-bloods, ministers, squires, laborers, smiths, potters, and fighters along rest of the company to enable his child to lead the town. A stone engraving affirms that the two was formally restored as a state in 711 Nepal Sambat (1591 A.D.).

In antiquated days when strict convictions each part of individuals and ruler’s lives, absence of a defender divinity was felt. As neighborhood legends asserted that Goddess Bajra Barahi had showed up from an area, only east of town, a sanctuary would in the end be dispatched there.

The Temple

After the sanctuary was built, records additionally show that local people utilized the region for incinerations, a training later taboo by visiting King’s requests. The incineration decks despite everything exist, nine of them really. The records likewise notice that the sanctuary was being worked at strangely rapidly for the afternoon. Over the most recent 6 decades, numerous legacies all through the nation were taken; numerous swaggers alongside the primary sculpture of the sanctuary were taken. After much examination, the specialists had the option to recoup thee primary sculpture. It has since been remained careful in Nepal Army Museum in Chhauni, Kathmandu. The current sculpture in the sanctuary is an elective one. Local people likewise accept that fallen woods and leaves from the woodland ought to stay there, on the off chance that they are brought outside the sanctuary zone, the individual will be reviled.


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